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Frequency of eating tofu, kidney Chinese man filled with gravel 420

- 3:29 PM
A doctor at the Hospital of Dongyang, Zheijang Province, China shocked when they found 420 pebbles in a left kidney of a man pda last Friday (5/6).

Patients often complain of abdominal pain prolonged keeps the doctor did a CT scan of the abdomen of the man, oddly enough, as many as 420 pebbles have been the causes pain the man.

"I really wonder how these rocks in the kidneys, the only way is to take the kidney because it can not function well sara," said a doctor who has eight years of experience in the renal field.

As reported by Shanghaiist page Monday (6/8). The man in the past 20 years has experienced a kidney operation and has made treatment with the method of destruction of kidney stones or lithotripsy. But this time the method is more 'extreme' about to do a team of doctors to help the survival of the poor man's kidneys.

A doctor who explained to reporters that if the crew had to clean all the stones using forceps, taking them one at a time for two hours.

It is believed, the main cause for kidney stones stacked this man is a hobby that is hooked to eat Tofu Gypsum. Food is loaded with calcium sulfate is high with not accompanied by adequate consumption of water.

"Know Gypsum traditional Chinese food or popularly known as tofu, it has a high content of sulfuric alsium very dangerous if not offset by the consumption of water," added the doctor.
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