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Healthy and Fit Running Tips Fasting

- 4:11 PM
Sleep is considered to be rewarding in Ramadan. However, it does not mean you are advised to sleep continuously without doing other activities. Fasting should not be used as an excuse to laze around. In the month of Ramadan, you are actually encouraged to continue to do good and to gain merit, including the work as well as possible.
So, how to avoid feeling lazy during the fasting?How to maintain the health and fitness of the body from dawn to break the fast? Is there a way to overcome feeling of weakness when fasting? Consider some healthy tips to fast the following:

# 1 Never miss suhoor

Same only with breakfast being the most important meal of the day, the meal was very necessary and not to be missed during Ramadan. Skip the meal time is like extending the time of fasting, so the body will take a lot more energy reserves. As a result, the body feels tired easily and quickly thirsty. People who skip the meal also tend to overeat when breaking.
Include foods that contain complex carbohydrates and protein as an energy source. These complex carbohydrates are digested slowly by the body so you can feel full longer. Do not forget to end a dawn as recommended by the Prophet Muhammad.

# 2 Do not overeat during fasting

Fasting requires us to be able to control and restraint, not only from dawn to break the fast, but also afterwards. Useless hunger and thirst all day if we can not control themselves when breaking. Crazy eat and drink when breaking can actually increase weight quickly, especially if we choose unhealthy menu such as fried foods and fast food. However, do not overdo it refrained from immediately breaking even azan maghrib already reverberate. Prophet actually advised us to hasten breaking.

# 3 Avoid foods that are too salty, sweet, and fatty

Contention to break the fast with a sweet is often heard in the month of Ramadan. This belief comes from nowhere. What is clear, this assumption seems to be already embedded in people's minds. No wonder if the trader syrup and other sweet drinks are mushrooming in the month of fasting.
Sweet foods or drinks is necessary to normalize blood sugar levels down during fasting, but of course must be consumed naturally. Excessive consumption of sugary foods can actually increase blood glucose levels quickly and increase your appetite.
Eating sweets and fatty foods too much can also cause fatigue and drowsiness.Instead, quite a few grains consumption of palm fruit , or water as did the Prophet. Avoid salty foods that can trigger thirst and dehydration.

# 4 Inadequate fluid needs of the body

Lack of body fluids can cause a feeling of weakness and lack of concentration during fasting.Moreover, we live in tropical regions where the weather tends to heat. Inadequate fluid needs at dawn and breaking to avoid dehydration . White water most recommended, but can be replaced with milk or pure fruit juice.
Conversely, avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea, and cola which has diuretic properties. Increase your intake of fruits are also high fluid such as watermelon or orange.

# 5 Moderate exercise

Still do regular exercise during Ramadan. However, the limit portions. Sports in broad daylight can cause dehydration and drain your energy. Instead, simply do light exercise such as jogging and cycling for 15 to 20 minutes when ngabuburit or before breaking.
Try to always follow the congregational prayers in the mosque, including the obligatory prayers and tarawih. In addition to forming good habits, it will also make your walking routine and moves every day. Running tarawih also help the body digest the food you eat when breaking.

# 6 Brush your teeth after a meal and before bedtime

When fasting, the body will burn fat as a primary energy reserves and increases the acidity of the blood. That's why breath usually smells. To minimize odors arise, do not forget to always maintain oral health by brushing your teeth after a meal and before bedtime. Brushing your teeth after a meal also helps eliminate sleepiness attack and prevent you go back to sleep.Remember that sleeping after a meal can interfere with the digestive process and might make you miss the morning prayer.

# 7 Consult doctor

Some people diberbolehkan for not fasting when sick, elderly, pregnant or breast-feeding. If you have the condition but was able to fast, do not forget to consult a doctor to avoid health risks that may arise. Ask if you need to take supplements or avoiding certain foods to keep healthy during fasting.
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