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Limitation The number of alcohol that can be tolerated Body

- 3:43 PM
If compared, alcohol is like two sides of a coin.On the one hand it could be useful because it is good for the heart but on the other hand, if too much can be toxic for those who consume them. Consuming alcohol with the appropriate levels of good to keep yourself from heart attacks because alcohol helps keep your blood vessels. However, other sources say alcohol can be toxic to the liver. Then how the recommended limit alcohol consumption?
"A little alcohol may be beneficial, but if too many obvious would be toxic," said dr. Scott Solomon, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of non-invasive cardiology at Brigham, as quoted by Time .
Everyone has a different reaction to alcohol. This can be influenced by height, weight, gender and other factors. Even what you eat or how much sleep you got the reaction it could make a difference to your body.
Researchers led by Dr. Scott Solomon and colleagues provide guidance on the matter and has been published in the journal Circulation.
Scientists combing data collected from 4,466 parents about the level of alcohol they consume. They also did echocardiogram or a cardiac examination with ultrasound (USG) in their heart. Solomon wanted to see if there are changes in cardiac structure with respect to how much they drink (alcohol) every week.
The results are not so good. The more alcohol that is drunk by the participants, the more likely they showed abnormal changes in the structure and function of their heart.
In men, their heart work harder than in the heart of the non-drinkers. While in women, these changes appear when they start to drink about one cup a day. What is clear, more than two cups per day is a limit point for men and for women may be lower than that .
For those of you who like to consume alcohol seems to have to start mebekali themselves with knowledge about the limit on the amount of alcohol that can be tolerated by your body.So you can enjoy alcohol without endangering the health of your body.
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