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Heart drugs and Symptoms Heart Weak Weak

- 4:15 PM
The heart is a vital organ in the body in the form of muscle, hollow, conical and the base is usually above and below the peak diabagian. In order for the heart to function properly as an efficient pumping, the heart muscles and the upper and lower cavities to contract alternately. Work pump or the rate of heart beats are naturally controlled by a regulator rhythm. A person suffering from a weak heart disease occurs when the heart's ability to work is not normal or decreased ability of the heart. The ability of the heart muscle depends on our blood pressure. If your blood pressure is high then the muscles work would be even greater. When the strength of the heart muscle gets weaker it will be difficult to overcome, because the heart muscle has characteristics different muscles premises unlike other body muscles.

Some types of medicinal plants traditionally weak heart:

1. Material
- Turmeric
- 2-3 chicken egg yolk
- 2 tablespoons honey
Grated turmeric then squeeze and take water only, then freshly grated turmeric is inserted into the glass. Add chicken egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of honey and shake. Drink 1 kQ day each morning.

2. Materials
Eat 1 clove of garlic every night by way of being swallowed. Size garlic approximately capsule. Additionally drink 2 glasses of water every waking in the morning.

3. MaterialFruit takokakWayEat fruit takokak 1-2 times a day by means of consumption or the fresh vegetables at meals.
Someone who is suffering from a weak heart usually indicates a weak heart symptoms include:
Hard to breathe
When the heart function begins to weaken, the blood back to the blood vessels that supply oxygen from the lungs to the heart. As a result, the respiratory system will be easily distracted. These symptoms usually appear when exercising or doing other activities.
Aka decreased ability of the heart which make this important organ can not pump enough blood to meet kebutuan throughout the body. As a result, blood is diverted from the less important parts of a body part, namely arms and legs to the blood supply to the area is even more important as the heart and brain. So that people suffering from a weak heart will often feel tired and especially on the arms and legs but it also has difficulty to perform normal activities such as climbing stairs, walking or carrying heavy loads.
Chronic cough
Accumulation of fluid that occurs in the lungs can cause coughing and difficult to cure. Usually lungs will produce phlegm or mucus mixed with blood.

Fast heartbeat and not rhythmic
The heart is able to accelerate the pulse to compensate for the inability to pump blood throughout the body. People suffering from a weak heart will feel the heartbeat that is sometimes irregular and palpitations.
Decreased appetite
When the heart and digestive system has to work hard, but failed to receive a healthy blood supply, it can cause nausea or satiety although not eat. This can lead to rapid weight down.
Biaanya weak heart patients are not aware of when the levels are not controlled by certain substances in the blood, such as sodium and reduced blood flow to the brain can interfere with memory and cause disorientation.
Accumulation and swelling
Kidneys can produce excess hormones and causes the accumulation of salt and water due to impaired blood flow to the kidneys. It can cause swelling in the wrists and ankles.
In addition, the characteristics of a weak heart can be reduced by:- Quit smoking.- Conducting a healthy diet.- Diligent light exercise.- Maintain and manage your diet.- Reduce consumption of fatty and oily foods.

Various ways to treat heart weak one using traditional materials as described earlier. In addition, you also need to implement a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy diet to maintain the health of your heart and your loved family. Hopefully this post be useful for you.   
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