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Herbal Medicines Chocolate Cysts

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Endometriosis is chocolate cyst or ovarian cysts growing on the inside / surface of the ovary that contains the blood usually produces no symptoms, unless there are broken or twisted so that the cause of abdominal pain, distension and rigid. These cysts called chocolate cyst because there is a buildup of blood red to dark brown. A large cyst or cysts in large quantities will cause discomfort in the pelvis, lower back pain, and uterine bleeding.


- Irregular menstruation
- Infertility
- Pressure on the rectum and bladder
- Pelvic pain which can persist or recur - - spread to the lower back and thighs
- Stomach feel full, heavy, and bloating
- Pain during intercourse
- Complaints menstrual pain
- Cause

Chocolate cysts or endometriosis derived from the cells lining of the abdomen called the peritoneum. The reason could be due to infections, such as vaginal discharge that is not addressed so germs-bacteria get into the lining of the abdomen through the fallopian. The infection weakens the stomach lining durability, making it susceptible to disease. during menstruation is not all blood will spill from the uterine cavity into the vaginal opening, but there is splashed into the abdominal cavity. These conditions stimulate damaged cells in the lining of the stomach disease known as endometriosis / chocolate cysts.


Alternative medicine Maxs chocolate cysts ACE is the right choice for treating cysts chocolate with output PT International H2O as well as ingredients from natural mangosteen peel and leaves of the soursop and black rosella flowers and honey as an ingredient ACE Maxs are formulated by using a sophisticated engine and is handled directly by the Maxs experts so ACE is already written in the POM TR. 142 680 331 and registered at the Department of Health RI P-IRT No. 113317401444-17 so that quality and quality is unquestionable.

Efficacy of mangosteen peel (Garcinia Mangostana L) containing various enzin and vitamins that are antioxidants, antibacterial, antitumor, allergenic, anti-inflammatory, to antihistamines. A very high content of antioxidants contained in the skin of the mangosteen has been clinically tested and is even greater than the antioxidant vitamins C and E. No one if the fruit is often dubbed as the queen of fruits due to the function and useful properties. In general, almost all parts of the mangosteen can be used as an herbal remedy that works, ranging from the bark, leaves, fruit flesh and peel the fruit itself. The most famous of mangosteen peel is Xanthone, Xanthones are plant chemicals that lately many praised the scientists. They are curious about the mangosteen fruit has been known to give a healthful influence. The benefits of mangosteen peel and fruit finally been patented. The fact xanthones have been studied since the past few decades. The substance is commonly found in some rain forest plants and fruit of a dark red or purplish.

Researchers in Indonesia. According to Dr Agung Nugroho Endro MSi Apt, mangosteen peel contains 50 xanthone compounds. Xanthones are bioflavonoids which are antioxidants, antibacterial, hypo-allergenic, anti-tumor, antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory. The active biological molecules have the ring structure and framework 6 carbon carbon double bond, so it is very stable. In nature there are 200 types of xanthones, some 50 of which are found in the skin of the mangosteen.

Efficacy of soursop or graviola leaves contain anti-cancer substances called Annonaceous acetogenin, which can kill cancer cells without disturbing other healthy cells in the human body. Indeed, soursop fruit offers a wide range of positive content for human health, ranging from fruit, leaves, and even the tree. It has been widely known that the soursop fruit contains vitamin C, fiber and other essential nutrients are found mainly in fruits that were encountered in this tropical country. Indonesia is one country that has a lot of soursop tree. But it turns out their use was limited to the fruit, due to lack of knowledge of the benefits of soursop leaf neighbor.

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