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Mandatory Know Foods Containing Alcohol For Pregnant Women

- 6:45 AM
You must have known that the consumption of alcohol while pregnant is a bad habit that can lead to fetal health. In fact, research shows that children born to mothers who frequently consume alcohol will affect the level of health and intelligence.
Did you already avoid consuming alcohol while pregnant? Please check back in your favorite foods, some of which may contain the alcohol content which unknowingly endanger health. You must find out what foods containing alcohol, thereby reducing the health problems in the fetus.
Alcohol on food
When consuming food outside the home without you realize there are certain types of herbs that without you accidentally consumption and contain alcohol. Although the agency now MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council) has helped you to provide halal label so it is easy to identify foods containing alcohol.
Research carried out on foods that contain alcohol so far there has been no agreement. However some people say to give abstinence among pregnant women consume alcohol, despite a drop. Whether it applies to foods beverages? For those who are wise, should indeed avoid especially when you are pregnant.
Here are some foods which often contain alcohol:

The content of the candy or chocolate liquer. You can read each package of candy or chocolate you choose. Be sure to avoid the content of liquer.

Alcohol on traditional foods. The alcohol content in the menu of traditional food will increase with time of fermentation. So that the alcohol content would be more dangerous if the longer in fermentation. Some traditional foods containing alcohol is brem, cassava, sticky tape or fermented durian.

Mixed drinks alcohol in particular. You can ask directly to the waiter about the drinks you ordered so make sure not to use rhum or alcohol.

Avoid foods that contain red wine / mirin or white wine. Typically used to add selera.Umumnya used in Japanese cooking, the alcohol content of the mirin is generally 14% and is used in sushi.

Some cakes that use balls or butter rhum rhum cake generally has 30% alcohol content. You can make sure by asking the cake outlet whether or not containing rhum. Now, several outlets have labeled the cake containing rhum.

Alcohol is used as a food flavoring. Commonly used in cooking western food, chinese food, or some other foreign food menu. Flavoring foods containing alcohol is Chiu Ang. Used in cooking meat, seafood, seasoning sauce or stir.
By knowing some of the foods that contain alcohol, you are more vigilant and reduce the risks that may result from the consumption of alcohol. Generally, the risks are born with a weight below normal, small head circumference, abnormal joints, slow coordination ability, short body length at birth than normal or have short memories.
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