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How to Cope with Difficult defecation / Constipation in Infants

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Constipation is a difficult bowel disease that is often experienced by everyone. Not only adults, but sometimes constipation also occurs in your baby. If a few days of your baby is not defecate. Will lead to toxins and impurities in the body can not properly removed. This will make the baby became unwell and often cry. Bowel movements should be done every day. So that the body's metabolism working properly. If during the two days the baby constipation, chances are your baby constipation disease. Here are some ways to overcome infant constipation or constipation.

How to Cope with Difficult defecation / Constipation in Infants

Prune juice

Prume juice can be an alternative for treating infant constipation. You can add Prume on your baby's diet, if it is entered into future food consumption. In addition to adding Prume in water or fruit juice, such as papaya juice, apple juice, pear juice and many more. Baby's digestive sometimes still can not accept all the food. Therefore you must be smart in giving the right food for your baby. Try to give your baby high-fiber foods, sehiggga your baby is not difficult to defecate.



Breast milk is the most powerful way to overcome infant constipation. Breast milk is the baby right. For babies over 6 months enough breast milk consumption only. There is also the consumption of breast milk to 2 years, with fixed supplemented with other foods ation supporters. Asi become one of the major consumption for infants. If the baby has constipation, you can more consumption of drinking water and foods that contain fiber. The content is absorbed, will also be absorbed by the baby through breast milk. With so constipation in your baby will be cured.

Infant Massage In Stomach

You can massage the baby's stomach, constipation, if constipation is not heal well. Dirt is not removed, will make a slightly enlarged intestines and stomach baby becomes ill. This pain will make the baby more and hold for defecating. Therefore it is very necessary to massage the baby's stomach. How to massage should not be arbitrary and carried out slowly. Use olive oil to make a smooth baby's stomach, so that when the massage you will be more careful. If you do not dare to massage, can ask for help with people who are already experts.

Add intake of food and liquids In Infants

If your baby has infant formula consumption, could be by adding a formula with the appropriate levels. This is one way to cope with the baby constipation. Do not make the formula too thick, because it will make the baby more constipation. If your baby is already eating supporting ASI, you can increase the intake of fibrous foods. Fibrous foods will facilitate digestion of your baby. You can make your own baby food at home. Instead of using a baby food packaging that abortion is sometimes dangerous for the baby.

Those are some ways that can be done to address infant constipation or constipation. If constipation in your baby has not healed as well, it is better to immediately inspect it to see a doctor. If left further, the worse for the health of your baby. Therefore it is very important to always pay attention to the intake of food into the baby. Food hygiene and food intake in women should also be considered. A few articles about solving the problem of constipation in infants. Hopefully can provide useful information for you.
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