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How to Eliminate Varicose Veins

- 10:16 PM
Maybe you already familiar with the term varicose disease. Varicose veins is a disease that usually strikes in the legs. In medical terms, a varicose vein. These blood vessels serves to restore the dirty blood of metabolic waste that comes from the whole body to be returned to jantung.Terhambatnya veins in the legs, which became one of the main causes of varicose disease. So that the legs will feel like cramps and pain.

Varicose veins are also divided into two, namely "spider veins" (mild varicose veins) and "varicose veins" (severe varicose veins). For spider veins themselves are part of small veins that look like red or purple thread is usually found in the legs and face. While varicose veins are dilated veins and winding like a worm around the calf. Usually in pregnant women, will be more frequently exposed to varicose veins, because pregnant women put on weight and plus there is a baby in the stomach so easy varices occurs in pregnant women. So how do I remove varicose veins naturally? Here are some tips that you can do and may be able to eliminate varicose veins that you are experiencing.

How to Eliminate Varicose Veins

Powerful Tips !! How to Eliminate Varicose veins in the legs Naturally.
Illustration of how to remove varicose veins in the legs
Reduce Use Heels Too Often

How to remove varicose veins of the first is to reduce the use of heels. Women are never separated from the name used shoes or high-heeled sandals. When you use high heels, leg muscle will hold the balance too large compared to when you use flat shoes. If you should be in demand always use helss shoes, it is better to often stretch the muscles of your legs. You can take off your shoes at least 30 minutes. It will make your blood circulation becomes more smoothly.


Sport is also one way of eliminating varicose veins naturally. Especially sports on the part of your foot. This will reduce the risk of disease varicose veins in your legs. Especially if you are in your pregnancy, it is advisable to always walk lightly every day. You do not need to exercise too strenuous. With a leisurely walk, was able to reduce the risk of varicose disease. Exercise regularly, can increase blood flow to the part of your foot. But no need to do so to excess, because it will result in your feet injury. See also: How to Shrink Stomach with Sport


Food Intake Control And Weight Loss

How to remove varicose veins hereinafter is to control food intake and your weight. Overweight or obese have a greater risk of disease varicose veins. Therefore it is very important to always maintain food intake and your weight. Eat foods that contain vitamins, carbohydrates and so forth. Do not eat too much fatty foods that many mengadung. In addition, note also the intake of salt. Do not get too much salt because it will make the swelling in the legs. See also: How to Lose Weight for those of you who Have Excess Weight

Elevate legs

How to remove varicose veins on this one, is the way powerful enough when you are exposed to varicose veins. You can elevate your legs so that blood flow in the legs to be smooth. You can lift prevent blocked blood circulation and venous blood vessels work well. But at the time of lifting the feet, you also should pay attention to his place. Better to lift the legs when at home. Able to lift it to the top of the wall, setting up a high pillow or put them on the table is higher. Keep your body is lower than your feet.

Wear stockings varicose veins

In modern times many experts are now trying to remove varicose veins in various ways, and was discovered in this way. Namely by wearing stockings varicose veins. Usually for varicose veins that have been hit hard enough, it is advisable to wear stockings every day. These stockings function itself prevent venous valves that have been loosely to want closed as usual and make more flexible the muscles around the foot and working optimally.

Those are some natural ways to eliminate varicose veins. Do not forget to keep the consumption of water each day. You should consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. To prevent varicose disease, you can with the consumption of omega three each day. Also avoid standing or sitting for too long. Every day try to always sit and stand in the same portion. For those of you who have a cholesterol disease, also should be more careful. This is because people who have high cholesterol levels, are more at risk for the disease varicose veins. 
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