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Uric acid is a drug that is safe and recommended for your health

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Uric acid is a disease that attacks the joints, such as knees, finger joints, toe joints elbows and other joints are also part. Uric acid will cause the patient to feel severe pain in the joints that can make the joints and the swelling. But even so, not all of the pain that arises in the joint area is uric acid.
Most uric acid attacks those who are elderly. In most men attacked those who have been aged about 40 years and above, and on the attack at the time most women enter menopause. Most people with gout also followed by other diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes and hypertension. On this occasion, this article will discuss about the gout medicine.
Uric acid is a drug that is safe and recommended for your healthIllustration of uric acid (source we go on gout medication, we also should understand the symptoms that arise when the disease attacks. As mentioned earlier, the first symptoms are joint ache is felt, pain, rheumatic pain, tingling, and could also get swollen and red color. When it was swollen and red, inflamed joints have.
Pain in the joints most felt when the new morning when waking up and also at night. The parts most affected joints of gout is the wrists, ankles, elbows, knees, fingers, toes and heels. If the disease is very severe, the patient will feel pain every time he would move the joint.
Caused by a buildup of uric acid crystals in the joints. These crystals form of manifestation of purine metabolism of substances that we get from eating foods derived from living things. An example is the meat that comes from animals, then fruits, vegetables and nuts are derived from plants.
Purine substances contained in these foods will move into our bodies every time we consume food from living organisms and plants. Everyone has uric acid levels, but it is different in each person. Berlebihanlah uric acid levels which will cause pain and swelling in the joints. This is because the purine substances in the body too much so that the kidneys are unable to remove the substance. But you do not have to worry anymore because now there are a lot of traditional medicine, which certainly uric acid naturally and safely.
bitter, Uric Acid Drugs that are safe and recommended for your healthGout medicine: bitter (source: type of gout medicine is bitter. This drug is a plant from India. In some areas, also known as bitter Papaitan, ki peurat, wood mas, bidara, ki pait, lang, sampiroto or ki oray. Sambiloto has numerous ingredients such as flavonoids, ketone, alkane, aldehydes. Part of the plant used to be used as medicine are all parts of this plant and how mixes clean is to wash, dry and then boil bitter weighing 10 grams, 10 grams of dried ginger rhizome, komfrey 5-10 grams and 1 gram pepper. Everything boiled with water for five cups until the remaining 3 cups. Drink this concoction three times a day, during the 1 hour before eating or two hours after a meal.
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