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How to Differentiate Ordinary With Quantum Slimming Diet

- 5:52 AM

There is a latest method of weight loss program, Quantum Slimming. Interestingly, this method is not only recommend the diet. But more than that, namely to control and manage the mind.

Clinical hypnotherapist and author of Quantum Slimming, Kristin Liu, CCH, the diet you may often hear the term yo-yo syndrome. Those who experience it usually has a diet of hard, but when its goal is reached, the weight of his body back again.

Obesity has colonized Indonesia. I became concerned and wanted to share their knowledge through technology minds so that we can be healthier, he said when visited the editorial office, written on Wednesday (10/06/2015).

Here are three important patterns recommended in the book:

Patterns of emotion
Without a good emotional patterns, what you do not will be consistent. I do a lot of study literature. All experts have theories respectively. But I took a red thread, turns essentially manage stress. This is rarely peeled in detail. Quantum Slimming resolve the root problem of obesity, he said.
Motion patterns
It also distinguishes Quantum Slimming with others. In the management of the mind, you do not need to force yourself to exercise. Sport is not for slimming but you have to find a way to enjoy the sport.
Kristin itself acknowledges compared to other sports, which is not time-consuming work is yoga. But you need to know is, whatever the sport, you should be happy to do it.

Dietary habit
Eat according to our needs. Eating Monday-Friday may be different on Saturdays and Sundays. Because a normal day, the activity of the energy consuming enough amount of food is also different, he said.

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