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How to Overcome Anyang-anyangan with Natural way

- 3:28 PM
Anyang-anyangan a urinary tract infection that can be caused by bacteria or germs such as E. coli, Pseudomonas and Klebsiella. Anyang-anyangan can occur in men, women and children.Signs of Anyang-anyangan ie with frequent urination but out a little and sometimes accompanied by pain. Causes of Anyang-anyangan partly because during intercourse, couples do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the male genitalia and women for example when going intercourse of men did not wash his genitals in advance while the women do not urinate in advance. By not keeping the male genitalia will leave bacteria in the urinary canal through friction during intercourse. It also can be one of the causes of Anyang-anyangan. Preferably after intercourse women are encouraged to urinate to prevent Anyang-anyangan. Prompts to urinate after intercourse aim to eliminate germs that stick to the urinary canal, if there are germs that stick to the urinary canal, the bacteria will come drifting and wasted with urine so that it can prevent urinary tract infections one of which is Anyang-anyangan. Anyang-anyangan if untreated and only left alone over time can lead to more serious diseases, bacteria will enter the upper urinary channel and will be up to the kidneys that will cause an infection in the kidney. 
How to Overcome Anyang-anyangan
How to Overcome Anyang-anyangan there are two ways that the first use of chemical drugs and some using traditional medicine. For treatment using chemical drugs will be given antibiotics is usually pointless to kill germs that cause of Anyang-anyangan. The use of feminine hygiene soap too often is not recommended, especially Ph alkaline soap or harsh soaps. With the use of soap that is too often instead will kill the good bacteria that exist in the vagina its impact will facilitate nasty bacteria to get into the vagina and the urinary canal.

How to Eliminate Anyang anyangan

There is still another way to eliminate Anyang anyangan with traditional materials such as by using a squeeze of lime juice and sugar to put in a glass of hot water and then drinking. The second method can use the leaves dried cat whiskers, sobbing in a glass of hot water and add sugar or brown sugar, drink this potion two times a day until the Anyang-anyangan missing.
How to Eliminate Anyang anyangan
Anyang treat anyangan
In addition to chemical treatment and traditional, Anyang Treating anyangan can also be performed without a drug that by binding the toe by using a rubber band approximately 10 menitan, it is uncertain truth but a lot of people are believed to bind with a rubber toe-anyangan Anyan can be cured. In addition, you can consume lots of water, his suggestion a day to consume 8 glasses of water.Anyang treat anyangan
Thus information health articles on how to cope with Anyang-anyangan naturally, may be useful.
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