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How to Shrink Stomach order not Increasingly Buncit

- 2:46 PM
Has a protruding belly sometimes be very frustrating for everyone. For women having a slim stomach is the dream of them, especially for teenagers and adults who still diligent, hard-working and fun to pay attention to their appearance. Having good health seems less than the maximum if not accompanied by having an attractive appearance, and vice versa. Has an ideal body shape and slim is one as supporting an attractive appearance. So many people, especially women to perform a variety of ways to shrink the stomach distended in order to have a body shape as they wish. Factors causing the stomach becomes distended because the body's metabolic processes are changed. When the teenager's body will absorb what we eat, use to support the growth and development of the hormone. Well, when growth has stopped then what is consumed by us will be managed as energy then the rest will be stored as fat.
When our body has a lot of fat stock, the part most prone to accumulate fat is part of the arms, abdomen and thighs. However, the changes are very prominent in the abdomen. So, for those of you who experienced this then you should start thinking about how to how to shrink the stomach so that you are not getting bloated stomach. Many ways to shrink the stomach that you can do, so you do not have to worry anymore if you have a distended abdomen. Here are tips to shrink the stomach , among others: 
1. Sports 
If you want to have a slim stomach distended and then you have to be diligent exercise. The recommended type of exercise such as sit-ups, push-ups, hula hoops, jumping rope and running. 
2. Lifestyle 
Having a healthy lifestyle is also greatly affected in terms of the success of the program to shrink the stomach, confident in a manner sufficient to break the body's metabolic processes stable and healthy, multiply the consumption of water at least 8 glasses per day, exercising, chew food until soft so that it can make the body gives signals satiety and food intake will be reduced automatically. 
3. Food 
Apply a good diet and watch what you eat in order to get maximum results. Type of food recommended, among others: 
- Increase consumption of foods containing high fiber such as fruits and vegetables. 
- Increase consumption of foods containing protein complexes such as wheat, eggs and bread. 
- Eat nuts such as cashews and almonds.

 Besides you apply Tips- shrink the stomach tips above, you also need to avoid things like the following: 
- Avoid consuming fried foods as fried foods contain a lot of fat so it will be easily stockpiled by the body. 
- Avoid foods that contain lots of sugar and sweet, like ice mix, sweet tea, etc. 
- Avoid alcohol. 
- Avoid snacking habits. 
- And avoid fast food. 
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