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Lose Weight Naturally

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Weight loss is a very important thing for a woman, especially in teenagers. The assumption that if a person is overweight then it will look ugly or unattractive increasingly make someone will try to continue to keep the weight conditions, not infrequently efforts often done by a group in order tolose weight , especially for someone who has felt that he suffered a severe rise weight (obesity).Obesity is a condition in which a person obese, and this can be detrimental to the body. A person can be said to be obese when body mass index (BMI) over 30 kg / m2. Body mass index can be determined by formula (weight) in kg / (height) 2 in the meter.
Obesity can lead to various diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and asthma. In addition to impact on health, obesity or being overweight is also a negative impact on someone who does not want to look fatter, not only among women, the weight conditions are also very concerned a man especially a sportsman. A person with excess weight can also be psychologically disturbed, because it can reduce confidence that sometimes can make inferior or ashamed to manifest themselves and get along with the environment, thus causing him to be happy to be alone. When a person alone will be many things that difikirkannya, can be either positive or negative action measures. Positive action to do may be to think of a way out in order to lose weight with a sense of optimism, but on the contrary when the negative actions that do can harm themselves, such as indifference and further aggravate the situation by eliminating stress by eating favorite foods such as chocolate, milk , bread, snacks are not healthy that will further increase the weight.This assumption is often used to relieve stress, this action is an action that is not good, because the foods that contain lots of high carbohydrate would be a pile of fat for the body, so it will aggravate the situation even make the body more berta obesity or excess weight.

Various efforts were made ​​to reduce weight , for some people this can not be done instantly and be done with various stages. Perform a variety of activities so that sweat is one small effort that is often done. When we move that requires energy, carbohydrates in the body will automatically burn by removing the sweat glands of the body. Continuous combustion process in the body can reduce the carbohydrates that have become fat. For it to continue to do positive activities can help in reducing weight and eliminating negative habits such as store fat in the body to relieve stress assumption, that excessive sleep after mangonsumsi eating unhealthy foods that contain carbohydrates or high.
Excess weight can be prevented in many ways, including the following: 
- Eat a sufficient portion (stop before full). 
Opinion some people interpret the extremely broad enough, when a person feel full, but he can say that he has not yet had enough, whereas with feel full meaning it is already enough for the capacity of the stomach. This dkatakan excessive appetite, it is important for us to maintain the desire to not be excessive so as to prevent overweight. 
- Avoid sleeping after eating. 
The habit of sleeping after a meal is commonplace happening and very delicious when done, how not, the condition when stomach feels uncomfortable after eating make the break more so relax.This is a bad toxicity should be avoided because it can lead to accumulation of fat, so weight gain. 
- Say no snacks before bed. 
Snacks or often referred to as high-calorie snacks will seem mild indeed before consumption, but without realizing it would become heavy after consumption , this is a bad habit that should be avoided because the calories that will be obtained will accumulate, especially this is done before bed because there is no activity that would dialakukan causing the accumulation of fat in the body. 
- Stop oversleep. 
In general, staying for no reason the right is something that is often done every one to cause oversleep in the next day or become excessive sleep. If this is the case, then please remove the habit of staying up late without reason and immediately wake up in the morning then light exercise. This course will be more beneficial and prevent obesity.
By practicing prevention above, the overweight (obesity) will not happen and the body can always seemed ideal. However, if obesity has occurred there are several ways to lose weight naturallywithout taking drugs that can be done, namely: 
- Regular exercise 
Sports is one of the activities to train a person's body in order to stay fit and healthy, for a person with overweight sporting bodies is very important to lose weight , because the exercise can sweat so calories or fat in the body can burn up into energy. Sports to do such as swimming, sit ups, push ups, and jogging. 
- Avoid stressful conditions 
often weight gain in a person create stress, and make someone do negative actions as described above, for that when someone is experiencing weight gain it is important to condition yourself so as not to stress and other positive activities like sports. 
- Prioritizing fiber foods 
Eating fiber foods can make the body feel full longer, because in the process of absorption in the body of fibrous foods are processed more slowly, so that the priority of foods that contain more fiber good for weight loss . 
- Do yoga exercises 
yoga Gymnastics is a relaxation exercise while also being able to eliminate the fat on the hidden part.
In terms of weight loss there are some things that need to be considered not to be done for the sake of an ambition to lose weight, that does not consume any food and only consume water.This assumption is often done by someone who does not pay attention to the condition of the body only in order to lose weight. Basically the body still needs calories just in the process oflosing weight should be reduced, but the calories are not necessarily 100% did not consume calorie foods. All that is consumed must have a balance, so as not to become fatal for the body.White water mineral revenues for the body only, whereas the activities we do in daily life requires considerable energy, although reserves in the body (fat) to be used to the maximum, but it may be harmful condition immunity (immunity). While doing an effort to lose weight balance is still important to note.
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