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How to Treat Diseases Ulcer with Proper Way

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How do I treat ulcer disease? Perhaps it is always in question for ulcer sufferers. This is due to heartburn sufferers will feel pain in the abdomen that is extraordinary. Ulcer disease is often underestimated for some people, but ulcer disease will be more severe and cause disease more dangerous when on leave. Therefore, it is important to promptly treat ulcer disease you are suffering.
Ulcer disease by comparing a few things that should be avoided by people with ulcers like eating fried foods, eating tertur, caffeine. In addition, several other causes can also lead to ulcers such as stress, fatigue, smoking and lack of sleep. Ulcer disease is very disturbing because it could suddenly come in and disrupt the activities being undertaken. Many medicines are obtained in use, but it is only temporarily relieve heartburn.
How to Treat Diseases Ulcer with Proper WayIllustration heartburn were relapse © ShutterstockThe few symptoms that can Maag You Go:

Abdominal bloating and pain felt apalabila you eat late, and usually after a meal the stomach was still painful (especially the stomach)
Will appear nausea and want to vomit when stomach acid is high
Frequent belching, especially if the stomach is empty
Usually the pain is accompanied by pain in the stomach to the gut
Poor appetite and frequent headaches usually head

To overcome ulcer disease, you can perform a number of ways of treatment:1. The first PotionsFirst of all, prepare two fresh turmeric fingers, then cucui thoroughly then add the grated and boiled water. After that, squeeze using a clean cloth. Allow a few moments turmeric juice, then you can take it two times in one day.
2. The second ingredientHow to treat ulcer disease can then use guava leaves. First of all prepare the 8 pieces of guava leaves, then boiled using 1.5 liters of water to a boil. After that take the water and drink 3 times a day.
3. The third ingredientPrepare to taste later in the grated turmeric. After that, boiled grated turmeric with 2 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup. After that, strain the saffron water using a tea strainer. Drink the potion two times a day.
Those are some herbs that you can use to treat ulcer disease you are suffering. The herb is very natural, so you do not need to worry because these ingredients have no side effects. Eat these herbs on a regular basis to treat ulcer disease means that you are suffering.
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