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Health Skin Disease Treatment Have Problems With Panu?

- 11:05 PM
Why It's Effective Ways To Overcome ItGot Problems With Panu? Why It's Effective Ways To Overcome ItAndre Fillophy 2 months ago Skin Health, Medicine, DiseasePanu, well of course, is not foreign to the ear is not it? Well, tinea versicolor is a type of skin disease that is very disturbing, because in addition to destroying the beauty of the skin, tinea versicolor is also sometimes make the skin itch. Panu itself usually affects patients in their teens to the elderly. Normally, this fungus found on the skin of the body parts covered, which is usually caused by tinea versicolor skin moist and it gives rise to mushrooms grow and become phlegm.
Fungus that attacks the skin will give the white color a bit flaky and itchy. This fungus is usually found on the back, arms, thighs or neck. For those of you who have a problem with a skin disease, then you can be overcome by utilizing natural ingredients that are effective for treating the skin, before the fungus that you feel increasingly spread goto other parts of the skin. Let's just consider some ways to eliminate phlegm naturally effective that you can follow below.
Some ways to remove phlegm with natural ingredientsGot Problems With Panu? Why It's Effective Ways To Overcome ItIllustration phlegm on hand © Shutterstock1. Take advantage of a mixture of lime, sulfur and coconut oilTo overcome the problem of skin on this one, you can take advantage of a mix of materials such as lime, sulfur and coconut oil. This material can be mixed into one and you can rub it on the affected skin phlegm. Do it regularly every day, until you get maximum results. See also: 5 Benefits of Lime For Your Pretty Face
2. Use galangalYou are of course familiar with galangal is not it? Well, galangal is one of the herbs that are very often used to remove phlegm. It's easy, you can scrape young galangal then squeezed so that you get the water. Well, you can use the ginger water to overcome the fungus on your skin in a way rub it on the affected area phlegm.
3. Use garlicGarlic is one of the effective ways also to address the problem tinea versicolor. To eliminate phlegm with garlic, then you can rub rub garlic on the affected skin fungus with garlic in the split into two before. See also: Tooth Pain Medication Most Powerful with Garlic
4. Use starfruitStarfruit that has a taste that is so sour, has a content that is able to overcome the problem of phlegm. Ways to cope with starfruit phlegm is quite easy, you can take a water content starfruit and mixed with whiting, then apply the mixture on the skin fungus.
Well, there are several ways to eliminate phlegm that you can follow. So, you do not need to be confused and worried by the fungus that spread on your skin, because you can be overcome by means of the above.
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