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Hugs For Mental Health

- 2:21 AM

Experts recommend at least eight hugs souls a day to be happy and to enjoy a better relationship. While the family therapist Virginia Satir states that we need 4 hugs for survival, eight hugs for health and 12 hugs for growth.

A study shows that simple actions like hugging can increase the amount of the hormone oxytocin in the body. The hormone oxytocin is a hormone that can increase trust and confidence, reduce fear, and increased compassion and tranquility. The hormone oxytocin can also lower blood pressure, boost immunity, fight infection and fatigue, as well as reduce stress and depression.

Meanwhile, another study stated that hugs the child can improve intelligence. Results of this research is the reason why the simple act such as embrace not only strengthen the bond with others, but also strengthen the physical, emotional and health.

One of the unique things of hugging are people who embrace and are embraced equally feel the same benefits. So that the arms we have a better impact, expected before hugging rid of things that can interfere with the affairs of the mind such as work, home affairs and others.

Giving a hug with a full head various thoughts can reduce the positive energy and warmth which we will provide. Exempt our hands of the objects in the hands of such as mobile phones, bags, keys or other items that freer to embrace. Perform a hug at least three seconds to feel the effects on the body.

In Indonesia and some other countries, embracing the positive impact made by married couples, siblings, friends, and parents on their children. Hugs can have a negative impact if done in people who do not like physical contact, associated with personal and cultural differences. Hugs also need to be given at the right time, the right people and as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, many who do not know the benefits of a hug or embrace regarded as being less prevalent. This makes us unfamiliar and uncomfortable to ask for a hug or embrace their own families. Finally, we or our children grow into that lacked touch and affection.

Let us not believe the notion that children are often embraced the child will grow into whiny and spoiled. In contrast, infants or children who are frequently touched or stroked their parents will grow up to be someone who is loving, her body becomes more healthy, and confident.

It could be the lack of embrace between husband and wife, brother, and parents of children to be one factor of many problems or emotional disorders that arise in society. For example, the high crime rate crime, drug abuse and juvenile delinquency. Domestic violence can also occur due to shortage of hugs, no figures or examples that can give love and attention. And could be a solution to reduce the problem either by giving a hug of affection between husband and wife, brother, friend and parent-child.

So, what are you waiting arms immediately provide the best for our families.

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