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Mental Illness (Psychopath)

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Psychopaths are psychological behavior where the actors constantly seek gratification (excuses) for the actions he was doing wrong. A psychopath does not have the ability to recognize and learn from mistakes. But he has high analytical power and are often classified as a very smart person.


Just as the definition and scope, does not speak clearly about the factors that cause psychopathic personality disorder named it. Until now, many studies that support the various aspects of the causes of this disorder include:

Brain disorders
The relationship between the symptoms of a psychopath with the serotonin system abnormalities, structural abnormalities (Decreased prefrontal gray matter, Decreased hippocampal volume and Increased posterior callosal white matter) and functional abnormalities (dysfunction of particular frontal and temporal lobes) of the brain. (Pridmore, Chambers & McArthur 2005).
Those with psychopathic personality childhood backgrounds that do not provide opportunities for the development of optimal emotions. (Kirkman, 2002).
Own personality
Correlation between the behavior of people with psychopathic syndrome, with high scores in the personality test NEO Personality Inventory Revised (NEO-PIR, 1992). (Miller & Lynam, 2003)
In addition to the above studies are still much more research on the etiology of a psychopath. Most psychologists and psychiatrists still hold on environmental factors in the onset of this psychopathic personality.

How to detect it

Methodological difficulties in research on Psychopaths, especially coming from the limited case provided. Therefore some research is only based on one case only (Hare, 1993; Litman, 2004; Bauchard, 2002). Several other studies limited to a particular sample bias, such as Prisoners, can only be done on the topics of more general and can use general respondents as comparative studies (N people with indications Psychopaths based DSM IV = 89, control n = 20) (Dolan & Fullam, 2004), or a simulation study (n Students S1 = 174) (Guy & Edens, 2003).

Although it can not determine the cause, there are a good tool to differentiate between those with symptoms that are not psychopaths with, namely Psychopath Checklist - Revised (PCL-R) developed by Prof.Robert Hare consisting of 20 questionnaires which have a score of 0-2 on each question.

Can be cured

As a personality disorder can not ascertain the cause, can not be ascertained Psychopaths can be cured or not. Treatment of psychopathic patients Hare observed, not only do not cure, but rather exacerbate the symptoms, because psychopaths in question could increasingly sophisticated in manipulating the behavior that harms others. Some things, said Hare will improve their own with age, for example, energy is not at a young age.

According Tieneke, psychopathic behavior usually appear and develop in adulthood, reached the peak at the age of 40 years late, experiencing the plateau phase around the age of 50 years late and then slowly fade. Psychopaths can also be caused by errors parenting. He added. Tieneke suggestions, Beware of the grumpy child, scrappy and fight, breaking the rules destructive, and cruel to animals as well as younger children.

On the other hand, Kirkman (2002) who believe that psychopaths are formed due to misguided childhood, found Psychopaths can be prevented as early as possible to give proper care to minimize the risk of individual shortcomings of affection in his childhood.

Indications of domestic violence (domestic violence) can be caused by a personality Psychopaths turns possible. According to Dr. Husein Anuz Sp.KJ, dad Psychopaths tend to give children who are also psychopaths. This shows the magnitude of the role of environmental factors. Usually the child will imitate what her Parents, so no wonder the average domestic violence cases are caused because of what they did to his family at this time as to what their parents had done to his family.

In some countries a reaction in society due to ignorance about the healing of a psychopath. People try to protect themselves by Law. In the Netherlands, the Anti Psychopaths launched twice (XX century and in 2002). Similarly in the US, anti-psychopath law started out 1930 aimed at Sex Offenders. (Granlund, 2005; Quinn, Mullen-Forsyth & Quinn, 2004).

The most important thing is the handling of victims of a psychopath. Handling victims of psychopaths often have to undergo a process of long and difficult healing. Generally, they fall into a deep trauma. So, no need to waste time to change Psychopaths.

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