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Like to drink in plastic bottles? Beware of the threat of cancer!

- 2:52 PM

Plastics and plastic containers have dominated your life today. The reason is because the plastic is a compact and effective packaging so it will not make you complicated. Plastic bottle itself into one of the containers that you use frequently. At first glance, there is no danger contained therein.However, did you know that the incidence of drinking water from plastic bottles to cause a health risk? Reporting from, here is the danger.

Pregnancy Complications

 Plastic contains an ingredient called with BPA. Excessive exposure to BPA is capable of causing chromosome abnormalities that lead to birth defects. Therefore, when you are pregnant, you should consider drinks in plastic packaging.

Early puberty 

Exposure to chemicals from plastic bottles also cause changes in the structure of the hormone estrogen resulting in early puberty. BPA also likely will increase the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer.


Did you know that the risk of infection is very high because the plastic bottle? This is in addition to the chemicals present in it as well as the possibility of disease-causing bacteria in the production process and replenishing water in plastic bottles.

cause of cancer
When water in plastic bottles is warm water, the carcinogenic compounds or carcinogens are very high. So use bottles made of glass to minimize this exposure.

That is a health hazard that can occur when you are too often drinking from plastic bottles. You alone can minimize them by switching using glass bottles.
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