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Watch out, maintain the cat can make easy paranoid!

- 2:50 PM
Awas, pelihara kucing bisa bikin gampang parno! 
 Who does not like to tinker with pets? Adorable funny behavior that will immediately make you forget the stress moment. In addition to dogs, cats became the most widely selected animals to be maintained, especially cats cute pug-nosed.
But behind these hobbies, health researchers find that there are health risks that can occur in the body when you cats. After the threat of disease toxoplasmosis, this time from quoted study revealed that those who keep cats vulnerable to mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.
"The disease of schizophrenia reportedly common in children and families who have long cats," wrote the study.
"We found the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, or T. gondii in the cat's body becomes the main factor of developing schizophrenia. These parasites will enter the brain and form microscopic cysts which then affects the neurotransmitters and lowers the immune system," explained Dr. Edwin Torrey, from the Stanley Medical Research Institute. "This parasite will make recurrent infections which also affect the health of your brain."
In addition to causing schizophrenia, the parasite T. gondii can also cause miscarriage, fetal developmental disorders, blindness, and even death.
Because this basis, the researchers also suggest that you seek to reduce the frequency of playing cat indoors as well as careful with their droppings.
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