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Mastitis, Breast Diseases Frequently Experienced by Nursing Mothers

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Mastitis is a condition of the breast tissue in nursing mother has an infection caused by bacteria. This is what causes breasts became swollen and women experience pain. In women who have mastitis, breast changing the color becomes more red and the temperature is higher than in the condition of the mother normal.Bahkan mastitis will feel the fever and chills.

Mastitis disease can be experienced by almost all mothers who breastfeed though the disease usually attacks one of her breasts. Conditions experienced by the mother would be easy to feel tired and exhausted. Your impact will be difficult to provide care to infants.

Mother mastitis will usually suspend breastfeeding when baby sucking will help to clean infeksi.Anda not have to worry because it will not affect the baby. While other ways that you can do with the express milk using a hand pump and also dairy.

Although some mothers who have mastitis can recover itself but if the disease gets worse if the treatment should be done immediately. This is to help you overcome the possible complications of the disease mastitis.


Cracked nipple to the breast. This can occur due to improper feeding position. As a result, torn and cracked nipples. The bacteria become easier to tap into your breasts. The bacteria will multiply in the breast and it is this which causes the infection.
Breast touched by the skin does contain bacteria or from the mouth of your baby being breast-fed. The bacteria can get into breast milk ducts through the hole.
Having a disease where the disease is anemia can lower your body's resistance against infections, one of which diseases mastitis.
Unable to pull out all the milk when breast-feeding. It can make your breasts filled with milk and cause clogged milk ducts in the breast. This will make the size of your breasts enlarged and more vulnerable to infection by bacteria.

From most cases, people who have this disease first experienced flu-like symptoms. You will experience this for a couple of hours before you realize that your breasts are red and sore. You may also experience some of the following things like that once a sign and symptom of the disease mastitis:

Fever up to 38.3 degrees Celsius (101 degrees Fahrenheit)
Body ache and chills
Breast feels warm to the touch
Burning breast while breastfeeding
Lymph nodes located in the armpit next to the infected breast ache
Heart beat faster
If you experience signs and symptoms as above, immediately contact your doctor for examination and treatment.


The treatment is done for patients with mastitis among others, by using the method eliminates the blockage is present in the milk ducts. This method is very effective to reduce pain and swelling so as to remove the blockage in the channel Sysy with breastfeeding in infants, using a breast pump to express breast milk and to compress before feeding the baby.

Whereas to alleviate pain and swelling, it can be done in a way to compress with ice around the affected breast mastitis. Then multiply to consume fluids and also break apart, make sure to consult with a physician for pain relief that is safe for mother and baby.

Doctors may prescribe antibiotics that can overcome mastitis, drugs which will help in reducing the risk of more serious complications so that when the breastfeeding period will not interfere with the health of the mother and baby. Generally, mastitis is caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. If the treatment using antibiotics is not a positive response then used another type of antibacterial operation even using the street.

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