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Miscellaneous lungs and cause pulmonary disease

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Besides the heart, the lungs also include vital organs in the body. The function of the lung itself as a place of O2 and CO2 exchange in the blood. If your lungs are not maintained their health, do not rule out the possibility of your lungs will be attacked by the disease. The symptoms of lung disease , among others: 1. Pneumonia Pneumonia is an infection caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi in the lung tissue (parenchymal). Examples of bacteria that cause pneumonia is streptococcus pneumoniae and Mycoplasma. 2. Asthma Asthma is caused by narrowing of the airways that can temporarily cause people trouble breathing. 3. Bronchitis disease is an inflammatory disease of the bronchial bronchitis caused by infection with bacteria, viruses and germs. It can also be caused by cigarette smoke, dust, and air pollutants. 4. Tuberculosis (TB)disease is diddsebabkan by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis that can be transmitted through saliva, coughing and sneezing of people. 5. Lung cancer is a deadly disease addition, cancer is also the biggest cause of death from other diseases. This disease can be caused by cigarette smoke is toxic, both active smokers and passive smoking, stress, radiation, radioactive and toxic chemicals.
Signs of lung disease are not the same but according to the type of disease that affects the lungs. The disease lung spots or Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that does not decrease. This disease will appear as dark spots and her wounds looked like round holes if photographed radiograph.
Causes Lung Lung Disease

Causes Lung Lung Disease

Causes of lung disease is very diverse. For that you have to maintain the health of your lungs to perform a clean and healthy lifestyle. Various medications lung disease in accordance with the type of lung disease. These drugs not only drugs made ​​from chemicals but there is also all natural. Here are the features of lung disease are: - Pneumonia disease is characterized by shortness of breath accompanied by fever and headache, cough with phlegm that is yellow and viscous. Asthma can be caused by genetic or hereditary factors, if one parent is suffering from asthma will allow this disease decreased to children. It can also be caused by dust, temperature and humidity. - Asthma Asthma can be characterized by difficulty in breathing accompanied by wheezing sounds. - Bronchitis The disease can be characterized by a cough that is accompanied by fever. If due to bacterial infection, the sputum is yellow. If this disease until chronic it can happen until months or even up to several years. - Tuberculosis (TB) disease can be characterized by coughing more than 3 weeks, and may be accompanied by cough up blood. - Lung cancer The disease can be characterized by coughing blood, chest pain, shortness of breath, weight loss and fatigue. Usually, these symptoms can be recognized if the cancer is severe.
Miscellaneous Pulmonary Lung Disease
In addition to a cough for more than three weeks of pulmonary TB disease can also be characterized by fever in the morning and afternoon, night sweats, and decreased appetite. Lung disease wet in the world of medicine known as pneumonia. Pneumonia or pneumonia caused by an infection that results in lung inflammation, lung tuberculosis disease can affect anyone, as well as with lung cancer . For that you have to maintain the health of your lungs and multiply the consumption of foods that contain lots of antioxidants which can be useful for preventing cancer.
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