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Skin Diseases and medicine

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Infeki skin disease is a common disease that can occur at any age. Causes of skin disorders, among others, due to allergies, viruses, climate, living environment, as well as less healthy living habits. Various Kinds of Diseases of the Skin , among others: 1. Eczema disease is characterized by symptoms of excessive itching of the skin and then accompanied by redness, scaly, cracked and there are small bubbles containing water and pus. This disease often occurs in the groin and ears, hands and feet. 2. Measles Measles is an infectious disease caused by a virus. Signs symptoms of measles include fever, runny nose, headache, decreased appetite and inflammation of the eyes. After a few days there will be a red rash that itches and grew and spread in several parts of the body. 3. Herpes disease is also included penyakt infectious caused by viruses and bacteria. 4. Impetigo Impetigo including infectious penyakkit caused by bacteria.This disease can cause itchy skin, the skin becomes red and blisters filled with fluid. This disease usually affects children aged 2-4 years due to insect bites, scratches or cuts. 5.Psoriasis These diseases include degenerative diseases and difficult to diagnose. Psoriasis usually affects parts of the body such as the lower back, hands and feet. The cause of this disease, among others due to stress, trauma and low calcium levels Miscellaneous Skin Diseases

Miscellaneous Skin Diseases

In addition there are many more kinds of kinds of skin diseases such as scabies ringworm.From macam2 skin disease , there are several skin diseases caused by fungi such phlegm and ringworm. To determine the type of skin disease , you should recognize the first signs of symptoms. In addition you can go to a doctor to find out the types of skin diseases that would be more appropriate for handling. Fungal skin diseases in the form of skin fungus disease. The disease is caused by a fungus and itchy highly disturbing you. This fungus can arise due to lack of attention to cleanliness and skin health. Signs symptoms of tinea versicolor is characterized by raised white patches and over time will form the image of the island on the skin if not treated promptly. Panu can be removed by chemical drugs and natural remedies such as ginger, starfruit, sulfur, aloe vera and others.
Macam Macam Diseases of the Skin
Diseases of the scalp is usually in the form of sores or lumps that appear flushed and be enlarged. This lump was hot and throbbing and pus. In addition to the head ulcers can also be grown in the groin, around the neck, between the buttocks and armpits. Among other factors that cause ulcers his lack of personal hygiene, weakening diabetes, clogging of pores due to cosmetics as well as the use of chemicals. For that way prevent ulcers can be done by maintaining personal hygiene, nutrition fulfillment of the body to strengthen the anti-body.Generally causes skin diseases occur due to lack of maintaining the cleanliness of the body and the environment. Once you know the type of skin disease in accordance with the sign of the symptoms then you can buy a skin disease drug alone or mix with natural ingredients that is certainly much safer.
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