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Natural Cosmetics Ingredients Ala Japanese woman

- 7:33 AM

Health Information - In addition to Korean, Japanese women are also well known for the natural beauty of the skin. Japanese women's skin always looks smooth and soft and clean. I wonder what's the secret? Traditional Japanese beauty secret is actually very simple, they believe in the natural advantages and reap the benefits of natural ingredients only. Trust, of natural materials, the side effects can be avoided because it is quite friendly to the skin, even sensitive skin type.

The materials are often used as material for the beauty of Japanese women, are:
Each wash the rice, the water will be stored and then used to wash the face or hands. This is done almost every day by Japanese women, especially those also make wine from rice ingredients. Rice water commonly called komenuka, useful to fight premature aging, making skin more fresh, and eliminate dark circles in the eye.

Green Tea
Not only drink, green tea is also used to mask. Green tea itself contains antioxidants that prevent the skin from inflammation and premature aging.

Nutrients and proteins from seaweed learned and applied to the face mask. As a result, the face will be more brilliant and flawless skin. Additionally, kelp is also a powerful way to cleanse the face. As a deep cleanser, seaweed cleanses the skin optimally and generate glowing skin. In Japan, seaweed became the basic material for the manufacture of cleanser and toner.

Citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, everyone knows that. And Japanese women rely on citrus fruits to brighten the skin, reduce dark spots on the face. In addition, the vitamin C of oranges also make the skin bright evenly.

Camellia flower
Camellia flower processed and taken oil, used as oil to treat hair so the hair becomes heavy, strong and gentle. The Japanese call this oil with oil or name Tsubaki Tsubaki Abura.

Azuki is kind of nuts are crushed and usually made into a paste for a facial mask. Help soften and eliminate blemishes acne scars or black spots on the face.

Marine algae is useful as a sunscreen, make the skin free from dirt, and solve problems of skin damage caused by sun and pollution. Make skin look younger and tackle wrinkles on the face.

Silkworm cocoons
Processed into scrub or body scrub, silk cocoons are qualified for skin exfoliator. Can brighten and soften the skin after wearing it. Do not be surprised if you get into a typical Japanese salon, you will be offered this scrub silkworm cocoons.

Most women are uncomfortable with the state of the body that are not ideal or with excessive body weight. They prefer taking diet rather than exercise are enough or adjusting the diet degan well as an instant way to lose weight or just to get the ideal body shape.

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