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Rain Shower Really Can Cause Pain?

- 12:05 AM

We must still remember the advice of parents since childhood was saying do not bathe in the rain in order not to get sick. Certainly when we consider the ban small annoying because rain shower is fun.
Prohibition for a rain shower had actually been scientifically proven. Wet and cold conditions how else can make us susceptible to the flu.
In a study conducted by a team from the University of Cardiff, the respondents were asked to soak their feet in ice water for 20 minutes, while other respondents put their foot into an empty basin.
For 4-5 days later, nearly a third of respondents were soaking his feet in cold water experiencing flu symptoms, while in the control group only 9 percent.
"The surface of the cold body, especially the legs, can cause flu-like symptoms emerge more rapidly, especially in people who already existing flu virus," said Ron Eccles of the research center of the flu and colds.
Why it happens is not yet known. But one theory is, the cold will cause the body to restrict the blood flow to certain parts, including the nose, to maintain body temperature. This can make the body more susceptible to infection.
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