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To Burn Calories from Soft Drink Bottle, Keep Walking 42 Minutes

- 12:06 AM

Have you noticed the number of calories contained in the packaging of food or drink? This information is useful for the amount of calories you want to burn calories. Even should be in the package also included how long should a physical activity to burn calories.
In a 500 ml bottle of sparkling beverages, for example, contains 210 calories. To burn calories from your intake of fizzy drinks, you can run as far as 4.2 miles or walk for 42 minutes to burn calories.
Researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore found that teens who are given information about calories and how to burn calories will choose healthy drinks or soda bottles smaller.
Scientists have also suggested the provision of nutrition information to fast food restaurants. For example, the restaurant provides information that if eating cheeseburgers large size, you have to walk as far as 5.6 miles to burn calories. Thus, consumers would choose a smaller hamburger and only requires a 2.6-mile walk.
Results of the study were published in the American Journal of Public Health showed that calorie information is always ignored many consumers. They also do not understand if there is only calorie information contained in the food or beverage.
"The research we've found, if it is explained about the calories and in a way that is easy to understand as how many miles would have to walk to burn off the calories, it can encourage behavior change," said the study.
This research has been conducted on six stores in Baltimore that presents complete information in 590 ml of soft drinks. The information it contains, if you want to burn 250 calories in the body, it takes a walk for 50 minutes or 5 miles.
As a result, consumers are generally young people end up buying drinks healthier and with fewer calories. The researchers say, reduce the consumption of beverages with high calories like sugary drinks would prevent obesity and weight loss.
Scientists at the University of North Carolina found that this information can make a person more healthy food choices on the menu at the restaurant.
"We believe that the label displays information about physical activity, allowing one to choose food with lower calories," said Professor Anthony Viera from the University of North Carolina.
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