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Recognize Eye Disorders in Children

- 6:31 AM
Visual impairment in children can impede development. Therefore, it takes a quick and precise handling.
Parents should pay more attention to the condition of the child from head to the tip of the nail because early childhood can not understand the health problems they experienced. The following vision problems that are often experienced early childhood:
Refractive error
This disorder is an abnormal shape of the eye that causes one of the bias and causes the sight becomes blurred. This eye disorder can include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and cylinders. Fakyor genetic and bad habits to be the cause of this eye disorder. Symptoms are often shown ganggaun refractive patients are often squint when looking at objects from a distance or close.
Amblyopia or lazy eye
Amblyopia disorders caused by various factors that lead to the brain only processes visual information from the eye dominant. As a result, the child has a developmental disorder in sight. Even children can lose vision permanently if not immediately addressed. Beware when both eyes do not move together children, children tend memeiringkan head to look at something, and have eyelids down.
Strabismus or squint
Squint eye conditions are usually not in a position parallel. If left untreated it can cause eye irritation amblyopia. There are several forms of strabismus symptoms:
1. esotropia that one or both eyes leads to the nose.
2. exotropia which one or both eyes pointing outwards.
3. Hipertropia which one or both eyes staring upward.
4. Hipotropia, the opposite of hipertropia.
Immediately consult a doctor if your child shows symptoms of abnormalities in vision.
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