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Fever In Children And Accompanied Nosebleed it dangerous?

- 6:39 AM
Conditions of fever in children can make any parent worry. Moreover, when fever children can not be recovered in time for more than three days. Fever conditions experienced by your child should get a doctor's examination. So it can be the cause of the fever as a sign of health problems in children.
In contrast to the condition in which the child has a fever accompanied by a dangerous sign is when your child is accompanied by a fever or febrile seizures your child who is accompanied by nosebleeds, it should immediately consult a physician although not yet three days of fever. Fever with bleeding conditions could be a sign your child is suffering from certain diseases, health conditions and further tests are needed to diagnose a child. On this occasion we will discuss about the fever is accompanied by nosebleeds in children.
Nosebleeds or epikstasis medical terms is a condition where the child's nose bleed. The cause of nosebleeds diverse exist due to injury of blood vessels in the nose, spontaneously when the child has a high fever, the air is too dry or hot or clash. Conditions nosebleeds in children are not always harmful but handling doctor immediately if your child has frequent nosebleeds, can not be resolved and condition your child has a fever.
Child has a fever and nosebleeds
Nosebleeds in children are not always harmful, especially if your child has a healthy physique. Nosebleeds experienced by the healthy child's condition is caused by trauma to the nasal passages in the nose or experiencing muktosa dry up the entry of foreign objects.
Different again with children who experience nosebleeds when your child's body condition of high fever, you need to anticipate and be vigilant.
This can be one of the signs that endanger the child's condition if you have a fever and a nosebleed, as follows:

To clash in the face and accompanied by chest pain or pulse rate is reduced, quickly tired.

Children feel limp and pale

The amount of blood that comes out very much

Your child has difficulty breathing
These conditions should be a sign that your child is experiencing nosebleeds become dangerous. In some cases children who experience high fever and a nosebleed can be caused by diseases such as dengue fever to leukemia.
Aid to children who have nosebleeds
You do not need to panic when your child has a nosebleed. First aid that can be done is to position the head as high as a half-sitting position or seated position and then after it hit the bone of your child's nose for 1 minute. You can also use ice cubes to mengompresnya in the direction of the nasal bone. Pair also plug the nostrils that nosebleed by using a tissue or cotton.
Although not a big problem if there is repetitive and difficult to overcome then you should immediately visit a doctor for a consultation. Feature menjadii nosebleeds nosebleeds signs of disease are common in children, the condition of your child being a high fever and difficult to overcome so that the medical examination is necessary to determine the situation of children. By the time your child has nosebleeds, seringakali experienced coughing blood, most likely because of the blood that participate ingested no need to panic.
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