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Stress can make healthy? This 5 proof

- 2:47 PM

Stress is a thing you can easily encounter every day. Knowingly or not, you yourself also must experience it. Because the pressures of life, work, and social environment was so pressing. Many health research that says that stress can decrease your overall body health. However, what about the research that says that the stress turned out to be healthy?

Increase creativityBelieve it or not, stress and deadlines can make you more creative. Because you will use all its capabilities and your mind to succeed.Make more excited when sportsStress could actually make you more excited when exercising. Because stress will make you become more motivated to beat him.

Boosts the immune systemSome research suggests that stress levels in short intervals can help boost your immune system. But stress with long intervals it will endanger health.Improve cognitive abilitiesA unique study mentions that the ability of students who are under pressure will only increase.

Become more successfulStress can make more successful, do not believe? Well, when you are stressed you will definitely motivate yourself to become more excited. You will strive to remove barriers that occur and are determined to make changes in your life.

Stress can turn out beneficial for your body's health if properly managed. But you also have to be careful because prolonged stress can also damage the physical and mental health. So, friends with the stress that landed in yourself.
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