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Never ignore the lunch hour!

- 2:49 PM

 For workers, the lunch hour is essential to sustain their productivity. Unfortunately density of jobs makes many workers ignore it. You also then choose to skip lunch hour following the lunch.Though launched from, this benefits you can get from an hour lunch break.

Improve productivityHas been a lot of research that says that lunch can help you to increase productivity after lunch because your mind will be refreshed.Improve concentrationConcentration is needed in work. Well, this could increase the concentration you get after resting during lunch hour.Rejuvenate the body systemsOne of the healthy benefits of a break at lunchtime is your body system will return rejuvenated. It is very important to keep your body always feels fresh.Get rid of lazinessOften feel suddenly blurred view while working? Take time to rest for 10-15 minutes every day. Because these activities will help get rid of laziness, drowsiness, and weight in the daytime.

The desire to avoid snacking
Snacking while sitting at your job is not a good habit. Because obesity and various other dangerous diseases can threaten. Therefore, in order for you to avoid this bad habit, try to always take an hour break at noon.

That is the reason why you should take a break at lunchtime. In addition to good physical health and mental health also makes you always feel like working.
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