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Symptoms and Kidney Diseases Drug Leaks

- 2:31 PM
Leaking or kidney disease known as Nephrotic syndrome is a disease characterized by the presence of a leak in the kidney caused by kidney cells so that the decline in, and inhibit the release of protein (albumin). In addition nephrotic syndrome is characterized by the presence of proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, hyperlipidemia and edema. Normal, healthy kidneys filter out the protein function in the body to keep it out. In the event of a leak in the kidneys will cause the protein content in the body will continue to decrease and cause the body lacks protein albumin or number.
If someone affected by this disease then that person would look for renal drugs leaking either natural or medical. In addition to the treatment of kidney patients should pay attention to diet leaked by:
  • Monitoring of fluid and electrolyte balance such as hyponatremia assess, hipokalamia, and hypernatremia.
  • Doing provision of adequate nutrition such as high-protein, high-calorie and lower the amount of sodium by reducing foods that contain high sodium.
  • Skin care for people with children with frequent bathing, drying moist areas, set up and change positions frequently and using a pillow penimpang in order to avoid damage in the projection area.
  • Medical management by providing diuretics, corticosteroids, and sodium restriction.

Symptoms of Kidney Disease Leaks

Signs of kidney disease symptoms leaked: 
- Decreased appetite 
- urine (urine) foaming 
- muscle mass shrinks 
- Shortness of breath caused by accumulation of fluid in the cavity around the lungs 
- In the men's knees and scrotum swelling 
- In children can cause drop in blood pressure upon standing 
- Reduced volume of urine 
- Inhibits growth due to nutritional deficiencies due to loss of nutrients 
- The presence of infection in the abdominal area due to the presence of inflammation in the stomach lining.

Traditional medicine Kidney Leaks

If you have signs of symptoms as above but you should immediately consult a doctor to get treatment early. Are now widely available traditional medicine the kidneys leak that you can buy and not have to bother to meraciknya own. In addition there are some foods that are allowed to be consumed for kidney patients leaking include: 
- A variety of processed bread baking soda, salt, margarine and butter. 
- Food sources of energy substances (tubers, grains, nuts) 
- Food sources builder substances namely animal and vegetable protein were still fresh. 
As for the types of foods that are not allowed to be consumed pendertia leaking kidneys, among others: 
- Side dishes, marinated major Sayor 
- Tomato 
- MSG 
- Yeast 
- Sauce 
Well, for those of you who kidney disease has not leaking, you should make efforts to prevent more disease such as a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully this article useful to you.

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