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Symptoms of Kidney Disease and Kidney Diseases Drugs

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Kidneys, including members of the organs in the body that plays a very important for human survival. Kidney disease is one type of a dangerous disease, for that disease must be urgently addressed by the medical well. Ginja disease is usually befall someone suddenly for that we must always be vigilant against the disease.

Kidney Function

There are some kidney function, among others:
Blood filter
food we consume every day will be more energy after going through several processes of digestion and then will generate residual substances or wastes and toxins (toxic). These substances would be dangerous if it is not removed by the kidneys. If someone does not have a kidney, then that person can die because it is caused by toxins produced by the human body itself. Every day the kidneys have to filter about 200 quarts of blood that will produce 2 liters of residual substances in the form of urine.
Stabilizing levels of acids and bases
Kidney function to stabilize the acid and alkaline levels of body fluid by removing the excess acid or alkaline urine.
Secrete substances that harm the body
will secrete Kidney substances that harm the body as uric acid, urea, creatiin, ammonia, inorganic salts, bacteria erta drugs. If these substances are not removed it will be toxins that harm health.
Reprocess substance
Kidney will restore the substance is still useful for the blood back into the body. Substances such as glucose, water, salt, and amino acids. The process is called reabsorption.
Adjusting the volume of blood fluid
Kidney able to control the amount of blood and fluid in the body is able to maintain in order to stay balanced.
Regulate the balance of chemical constituents in the blood
Adjusting the levels of salt in the blood as one example.
Controlling blood sugar levels
is essential to regulate kidney advantages and disadvantages daam blood sugar using insulin and adrenalin. This is to avoid diabetes. Insulin function is as hormn lowering blood sugar levels when excessive blood sugar levels. While adrenaline serves to raise blood sugar levels when sugar levels in the blood is insufficient.
As a producer of substances and hormones
Kidneys can produce hormone-like substances or eritroprotein, calcitriol, and renin. Eritroprotein hormone (EPO) serves as an incentive to increase the rate of formation of red blood cells by the bone marrow. Calcitriol useful to form vitamin D, balancing chemical levels in the body and to maintain calcium in the bones in the body. While renin useful for regulating blood pressure in the body.
Maintain osmotic pressure
Kidney able to maintain osmotic pressure by regulating keseimbagan salt levels in the body.
Keeping blood
Kidney able to keep blood pH levels, so not too acidic. Normal blood plasma pH levels in the range of 7.4.

Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Symptoms of kidney disease was initially very subtle, chronic kidney patients usually do not realize they are suffering from the disease. Chronic kidney disease can last for years and renal failure is a disease terparahnya. The characteristics of kidney disease the most important is the growing belly and bulging little by little, difficulty urinating or defecating. Besides the characteristics of the other kidney diseases, among others: 
- There is swelling of the feet and eyes 
- Nausea and vomiting 
- pain and pain during urination 
- often arising pain in the waist 
- high fever 
- When deep sleep often wake up only to urination 
- Change the color of the urine 
If you encounter any of the above characteristics, then you should you should immediately consult a physician.

The following medications kidney disease naturally

1. Material
cat's whiskers leaves 
nasty shard leaves finely mashed 
leaves and their roots meniran How to Boil all ingredients with 1 liter of water. Wait until the water just half. After that strain, drink every day for 5 days on a regular basis.
2. Ingredients
Leaf Fresh avocado 
Hot water Method Wash fresh avocado leaves. Then brewed with hot water then drink 2 times a day. This herb just for a drink.
3. Material
Hair young corn 
thinly sliced ​​Ginger 
Shoots leaves nasty shard 
leaves cat whiskers 
Table salt 
Brown sugar How to Boil corn silk, cat whiskers nasty shard and then wait for it to boil. Tabahkan salt to taste and sugar. After a cold drink regularly three times a day.
4. Materials
purple leaves 
Leaf meniran 
leaves sitting 
strawberry leaves 
Leaves prod 
cat's whiskers leaves 
Leaves ngikilo Method All the ingredients are washed, then boiled until absolutely boiling. After the filter until the water is warm. Drink this mixture regularly.

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