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How to Prevention and Traditional Medicine Cervical Cancer

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Before we discuss about cervical cancer drug in advance we will discuss about some of the other causes of cervical cancer are:

    Vaginal washing habits
Generally women are very often cleans intimate organ by using the antiseptic and deodorant. This if done to excess will irritate the vagina. This habit can stimulate cells to become cancer cells.Before you use drugs or vaginal cleaning you should consult a doctor beforehand. The use of soap or cleanser vagina will actually kill germs well as bacilli doderlain which serves to produce lactic acid to maintain the pH in the vagina. If these germs die then the germs of evil will be easier to get into the vagina.
  Habits often sprinkle the powder on the vagina
Women who frequently use the powder in the vagina will be more at risk of developing ovarian cancer. Women of childbearing age will often ovulate, then it will cause injury to the ovary. If the powder is stuck into the wound it will be able to cause cancer.
    Quality bad bandage
According to WHO Indonesia is a country with cervical cancer in the world. In fact, 62% of which are caused due to poor quality pads. Research reveals that at the bandage are of poor quality in every one square millimeter, there are about 107 bacteria. For that you need to be alert for signs of symptoms of cervical cancer anytime.

Here's how to prevent cervical cancer

    Cervical cancer vaccine
Malignancy cervical cancer can attack women regardless of age group. Giving the vaccine can be done in the age group between 11-26 years. This vaccine can be administered at 0.1 months and at month 6. If you memilliki history of papilloma virus infection vaccine effectiveness can be done with less.
    Pap smear
Pap smear is a screening method to detect cervical cancer. By doing this test can lower the risk of cervical cancer and can improve the prognosis for a pap smear method has been shown to detect at an early stage of infection of the virus that causes cervical cancer. Prompts to do a pap smear test is once a year for women who are already at the age of 35 years. Things that should be considered and provisions before pap smear tests, namely: 
- Pap smear can be done 2 weeks after the first day of menstruation. 
- Before the examination is not recommended to use drugs or herbal ingredients washers feminine area. 
- For patients with post-childbirth are encouraged to come in week 6-8 to do a pap smear. 
- Not recommended intercourse for 24 hours before the Pap smear.
    Avoid free sex
Virus HPV is the virus that causes cervical cancer and can be transmitted through sexual intercourse.
    Avoid cigarettes
cervical cancer patients by 30% of whom are active smokers. The chemicals in cigarettes can trigger cervical cancer virus infection.
    Avoid diet is not balanced
diet is wrong with avoiding the intake of fruit and vegetables it will trigger the development of cervical cancer virus. Fruits and vegetables instead pick the content that can help protect you against cervical cancer.
    Hazardous chemical products
Modern life is almost instantaneous can actually lead to cancer. Avoid the use of sterofom and plastic are heated to prevent cancer.
In addition to the treatment of cervical cancer can be performed using traditional medicine cervical cancer such as: 
1. Plants anthill Papua 
These plants memilliki Latin mymrmecodia original pendans originating from Papua. This plant contains as flavonoids, polyphenols, tookoferol, anticancer and anti oksidan.Kandungan flavonoids useful to stop active development of cervical cancer cells, to inhibit cell division cycles and can establish immunity. 
boiled anthill then drink boiled water anthill , To get the maximum results do regularly every day. 
2. White Turmeric 
Turmeric, also known as white turmeric or Intersection daughter rapet.Kunyit Puth contains essential oils that can cope with swelling, boost immunity and antioxidant. 
Consumption stew white turmeric every day to prevent cervical cancer. 
3. Soursop leaves of 
the soursop leaves efficacious to kill active cancer cells, helping to boost the immune system and avoid deadly infections and can prevent free radicals. 
Prepare 2-3 soursop leaves intact and then boiled for 20 minutes. Drink while warm or too cold can.
4. tuber rat 
rat taro plants have a property to disable cancer cells, tissues deadly cancer cells and may stop the growth of cancer cells. 
5. Vinca 
Tread dara (Catharanthus roseus) contains vincristine and vinblastine compounds are efficacious destroy cancer cells. 
Mix the fennel fruit, brown sugar, bark pulasari then boiled with three cups of water. Kemudan drink boiled water three times a day, drink as much as half a glass every time a drink.
In addition, you also need to avoid the food that causes cervical cancer such as fatty foods.Foods high in fat such as junk food, chicken skin, organ meats, fried foods and others that can enhance the high risk of cervical cancer. For those of you who have not been affected by cervical cancer you should make cervical cancer prevention methods as described earlier. Then get used to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. Hopefully this article useful to you.

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