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Symptoms of Kidney Disease

- 2:53 PM
Most people with kidney disease do not have symptoms because the body can tolerate even substantial reduction in kidney function.
In other words, we are born in this world with renal function more than necessary for survival.Kidney function often enough with just one kidney working.
Changes in renal function are usually discovered through a routine blood or urine test. If you are diagnosed with a kidney disease, your kidney function should be monitored with routine blood test, and treatment is to minimize symptoms.

If the kidneys continue to lose function and no progress towards kidney failure, it will usually be tracked with blood tests and monitoring. If renal failure occurs, symptoms may include
weight loss and decreased appetite, swollen ankles or hands, (because of water retention), shortness of breath, increased need to urinate, especially at night, itchy skin, muscle cramps, high blood pressure or hypertension, nausea and erectile dysfunction in men (inability to get or maintain an erection)

If you have concerns with any of the above symptoms, immediately to check the condition of your kidney doctor.
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