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Treatment of High Blood Pressure With Plants

- 2:51 PM
If someone's blood pressure was measured with tensister figures show more than 140 mm hg, meaning the person has a blood pressure that is too high for normal blood pressure is around 110-120 mm hg. High blood pressure there is to arrive - arrived, albeit in a while otherwise normal. High blood pressure is to arrive - arrive can be called
High blood pressure is essential. While high blood pressure can be a known cause is called secondary high pressure daah.

High blood pressure can be caused by several factors
  1.  Because kidney disease.
  2.  The use of chemical drugs.
  3.  Heart disorders.
  4.  Due to hereditary factors.
  5.  and because of the influence of harsh environments.

Signs - Early Signs of High Blood Pressure Normally
  1. Always dizziness and headache.
  2. Pegal- taste sore and stiff neck.
  3. Dizziness ringing in the ears
  4. and the heartbeat was beating rapidly.
Chronic hypertension is usually followed by other diseases such as rheumatic disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and so on.

How To Care Is High Blood Pressure
  1. Avoid the tensions of life.
  2. Abstain from eating mutton, durian ,.
  3. Moreover, the air drinking alcohol.
  4. Avoid salty foods.
  5. Coffee and smoking.
  6. Berbayak - many are eating the food of vegetables and fruit - fruit.

Some Ways Treatment of High Blood Pressure With Plants

  1. Take five sticks of celery leaves, wash with water and mashed, add one cup of water and strain lah, drinking the filtered water every other day.
  2. Take Grated Horseradish then add enough water and strain ah, take the water and can be taken in the morning and afternoon.
  3. Grate was turmeric and mix with enough water and then filtered, take the water and can be added with sugar or sugar cubes and can also be coupled with honey, drink the morning and afternoon on a regular basis.
  4. You can also pace the ripe fruit is squeezed and filtered water, add honey. Morning and afternoon drink on a regular basis.

Cured or absence of high blood pressure depends on the seriousness of the patient to recover and do not forget also all depends on God, and therefore do not forget to always pray for that disease you are suffering can be healed. 
May be useful for friends.
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