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Tea Prevent Diabetes

- 7:35 AM

Research shows that the habit of drinking tea is very beneficial for health. Experts from the University of Dundee through the results of a recent study indicated that drinking black tea may be one way to prevent diabetes.

Scottish researchers managed to find the kind of compound contained in black tea that has great potential to overcome disease type 2 diabetes, or type of diabetes is the most common today. According to them, this particular compound capable of acting as well as insulin in the body.

Experts from the University of Dundee led by Dr Graham Rena along the Scottish Crop Research Institute revealed that compounds in black tea called theaflavins and thearubigin can mimic the function of insulin in the body.

What we found in this compound can mimic insulin action on proteins known as foxos, ¨ said Dr. Rena who published his findings in the latest issue of the journal Aging Cell. ¨Foxos previously had to underlie the relationship between diet and health in a wide variety of organisms including mice, worms and fruit flies. Our task now is to see if these findings can be translated into something useful for human health, ¨ said Dr. Rena.

Dr Rena stressed that further research is necessary. Therefore, he urged people not necessarily consume black tea as a way of treating diabetes. The public need not be panic to drink black tea in large quantities and think that tea can cure them of diabetes. We still have a long road to arrive at new treatments or dietary advice explained.

Our research into tea compounds is still pre-clinical and experimental stage. Patients with diabetes should continue to take their medicines as directed by their doctor. There is something very interesting from bagimana natural ingredient in black tea is causing the benefits, both in relation to diabetes and health in umum.¨ added Rena.

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