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Sunbathing 20 Minutes Can Cure Hypertension?

- 7:36 AM

Blood pressure is certainly a terrible scourge for everyone. Women are generally more susceptible to lower blood pressure than men. However, this also does not rule out the possibility that women could also developing high blood pressure.

Usually, if a developing high blood pressure, they will be forbidden to consume some types of food. Patients with hypertension also will then tend advisable to change your diet and lifestyle. If not handled properly, people with hypertension could have a stroke to heart attack.

There is an easy way if you want to anticipate from this one horrific disease. It's easy, you just simply sitting in the sun for 20 minutes. It's that simple then? Here's the explanation given by researchers from Edinburgh University.

During this time, the sun is always associated with its use in preventing skin cancer. Apparently, there are other benefits to be gained from this technique. Researchers at Edinburgh University revealed that if you 'sunning' yourself in the sun for 20 minutes, the blood vessels will issue important chemical called nitric oxide. This acts to reduce blood pressure and also reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and blood penyumpalan.

In this study, a total of 24 volunteers did a sun bath under a tanning lamp twice with each 20 minutes. In the first session, volunteers will be exposed by the light and heat from the UV, while for the second session they will only be exposed by the heat alone. Their blood pressure dropped precipitously after the first session, is due to UV radiation.

Researchers believe that nitric oxide contained in the skin open and widen the artery, it would be beneficial for lowering blood pressure. Dr. Weller also said that the benefits of a healthy heart because sunlight will also reduce the risk of skin cancer. He also added that it is too soon to say this as a method of healing that is for sure because until now, this method will also still being debated.

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