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Teeth Pain medication for Pregnant Women

- 9:28 PM
Toothache is one of the diseases suffered by most people. This tooth pain can affect anyone, both young and old age. Pregnant women are the ones who are very susceptible to toothache due to the influence of pregnancy hormones and how the treatment of dental pain in pregnant women should really be considered because it was feared would jeopardize the existing condition of the fetus in the womb.

In this article, I will discuss about the toothache medicine for pregnant women, but it is good to know the causes of dental pain in general.

4 Causes And Toothache Medication for Pregnant Women Who Keep In Try

Damage to the teeth initially caused by a small cavity in the outer layer of teeth which can then be turned into a deep hole that makes the teeth very sensitive and easily hurt.
Pain in the teeth can be caused by inflammation of the gums that causes the gums to become swollen tissue that interferes with the teeth so that the teeth will advocate hurt.
Growing wisdom teeth is one of the causes of pain in the teeth because teeth will grow put pressure on adjacent teeth so that the teeth will ache.
Sloping teeth can cause pain when chewing because the teeth are not aligned with the pressure of other teeth that can cause inflammation of the tooth nerve.
The fourth cause can be experienced by pregnant women, but pregnant women are more susceptible tekena dental pain caused by inflammation of the gums due to the influence of pregnancy hormones. Food and beverages consumed by pregnant women should be safe for the fetus as well as when consumed medication for toothache.


Here are some ways to treat toothache for pregnant women.
Use warm water to rinse out as much as half a glass that has been mixed with salt and stir until the salt dissolves in water. Gargle for 1 minute as much as 3 or 4 times a day 30 minutes after eating.
Toothache medicine for pregnant women who consumed is paracetamol. This drug is used to relieve pain in the tooth that t-counter without a prescription. To use other dental pain medication is recommended to be in accordance with a doctor's prescription.
Compressed cheek area right on the outside of the tooth that pain by using ice cubes are coated with a clean towel soaked in ice water. Do not put ice directly on the tooth stone as this can make the teeth feel more ill.
Alternatively, the pregnant women who suffer from dental pain can be treated using topical medication. The content of benzocaine and clove oil on topical medications can be used as a cure toothache safe for pregnant women. The content of benzocaine and clove oil on topical medication meredekan efficacious for pain in the teeth because the content can seep directly on the teeth and gum tissue that is diseased.
Articles on Drug toothache for pregnant women that I have written this may be beneficial to you. If you are suffering from toothache that would not go away then immediately to inspect it to the dentist in order to do more intensive treatment.
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