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Here's 5 Reasons Why Healthy Sleep Without Clothes

- 9:28 PM
Sleep is an activity that is done every day by everyone. Quality sleep will certainly make maximum activity the next day, because the body is much more refreshed after a night's sleep. Normal sleep is sleep 6 to 8 hours per day, but if too much sleep is not good for health. Each person has a habit each when sleeping. Namuna if you are not accustomed to using clothes when sleeping?

Sleeping without clothes, maybe it sounds a little strange. But you can start doing this habit, because it turns out to sleep without clothing will provide some positive impact on your health.

At least 5 benefits of sleeping naked in the quotation of the Cosmopolitan.

5 Reasons Why Healthy Sleep Without Clothes
Illustration of deep sleep signifies a healthy sleep
The first benefit is obtained that can refresh your feminine area. Feminine area will get some fresh air, because when you use tight clothes when sleeping akana making feminine area became frequent sweating. By using clothes every time you sleep, it will cause bacteria to be developed that can cause infection.

The second benefit of sleep without clothing that can reduce stress levels. Actually, what is the relationship between sleep naked by reducing the level of stress? When you fall asleep without the use of clothing, it will lower cortisol levels. The hormone cortisol is a hormone that causes the stress.

That is the view of The Huffington Post. When we fall asleep, cause stress or cortisol secretion is active. In addition to the sleep state, cortisol secretion is active when a person is in a depressed condition. When you fall asleep and really experience the rest of the body, the levels of cortisol in the body will be in the lowest peak.

The third benefit of sleeping without clothes that will make you sleep more soundly. Have you ever experienced not sleep soundly? It is often experienced even though the condition of the body in a state that is really tired. With disrupted sleep certainly will affect performance the next day. When you fall asleep, the body temperature will decrease naturally, it is part of the circadian rhythm when a person sleeps soundly. When you sleep using clothes or pajamas, then these activities will be disrupted.

The fourth benefit of sleeping without clothes that can strengthen the intimacy. This of course applies to women who have been married. When you fall asleep without the use of clothing, it will create intimacy and also increase intimacy that ultimately culminate in an intimate relationship or marital relationship.

Benefits of the latter is that it can make you look more refreshed the next morning. When you sleep without the use of clothing, the body temperature will be normal and abnormal release of the hormone melatonin which will make your body become more fresh.
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