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Teeth Pain medications Safe For Pregnant Women

- 3:03 PM
 Toothache in pregnant women is very disturbing, toothache can be caused by various factors such as tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, tartar etc. A variety of drugs available free for this dental disease. But specifically for pregnant women should not consume any drugs without a prescription from a doctor especially medicines stalls, it is not recommended for pregnant women. The use of free drugs during pregnancy will have an impact on the fetus, to the use of drugs during pregnancy should be the prescription. Women will experience a hormonal imbalance as much as four times during his life that is at puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. The imbalance of hormones in pregnancy can lead to health problems including toothache.
In addition to medical drugs, dental pain medicine pregant woman are also made ​​of traditional materials and natural. Usually the medical personnel would further recommend to use traditional medicines because of the use of traditional medicines safer and not bad for the fetus.Not just as a toothache medicine for pregnant women, drugs from traditional materials also can beswollen gums drug for pregnant women . These materials are very easily obtained even some normally exist in your kitchen.
Various types of treatment of dental pain in pregnant women using either a drug from a doctor or using traditional materials. Treatment of dental pain in pregnant women can do by way of compress with warm water, diligent brush your teeth at least two times a day after meals and at bedtime, do not pull a tooth and consult a doctor. There was also a traditional remedy for toothache pregnant women namely: 
1. Garlic 
clove Take 1 white goods, his skin peeled and then sprinkle with a little salt and then chew on the aching tooth.
2. Brine 
Use warm salt water to rinse his mouth.
3. Betel leaves 
Wash taste of betel leaves, then chew on the tooth that is sore after the gargle using warm water.
4. Orange juice 
1 lime Provide then squeeze and take the water, mix with water and use it to rinse.
5. Clove oil 
Take a cotton swab and then give 2-3 drops of clove oil and rub on the aching tooth.
6. Oil wind / balm 
Take a cotton swab and then give the wind oil or balm and bite on the aching tooth, if salivation then throw because the drug is not to be swallowed.
Similarly, pregnant women, nursing mothers also should not consume any drugs. Because anything that is consumed by the mother, the content of the food consumed will be the quintessence of the milk and will affect the baby. To that breastfeeding mothers should really to be careful in using the drug. Breastfeeding mothers also did not rule out the possibility to experience gum bengak. However, it would be wise if the mother uses drugs to nursing mothers swollen gums are made ​​from traditional materials to make it safer to use.

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