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Pain medications Dental Hygiene and Dental Gums Swelling due Growth

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Toothache is very disturbing, because toothache makes people poor feeding, disturbed sleep easy even if the emotion in a noisy environment. Toothache is causing extreme pain, if adults who experience dental pain may still withstand the pain. However, if the pain experienced by the child's teeth, they certainly could not withstand the pain and could only cry. Being a parent would be confused and worried if the child has a toothache because kids certainly do not want to eat, could not sleep and would constantly cry. Usually children toothache unwilling to be taken to the dentist because of their fear. To that parents need to know made ​​from traditional materials.

The growth of teeth in babies is different from one child to another child. But babies start teething on average starting at age 6 months. Usually babies who will grow teeth show signs of, among others, happy to bite and chew hard objects, drooling, and appeared pain and itching of the gums.For that child will often bite the thumb of his own. Drug swollen gums of teething is not recommended to use drugs, because if the teeth are visible on the surface of the swollen gums will disappear by itself.
Besides toothache usually children often also experience swollen gums. There are several factors that cause tooth pain and swollen gums in children include:

1. Children eating too many foods that use artificial sweeteners such as sugar and cotton candy. 
2. Damaged tooth enamel in children can cause swelling of the gums and cavities. 
3. How to brush your teeth less than perfect can cause the leftovers are still lagging behind the teeth and will be bacteria lodged in the teeth. 
4. Less intake of calcium and nutrients that serve to support the growth of teeth in children.
Swollen gums drugs in children can use traditional materials and natural among others: 
1. Brine 
trick dissolve 1-2 tablespoons of salt in a glass of warm water can then be used for rinsing. 
2. Garlic 
Garlic contains a natural antisepik able to kill germs. The trick take 1 clove garlic, peeled and then sliced ​​a little sampi out his gum after that, apply on the aching tooth, or it could be crushed and mixed with a little salt and then smeared on ggi sick. 
3. Clove oil 
trick drops 2-3 drops of clove oil on cotton and then apply on the affected child's teeth. 
4. Red chili leaves 
trick is picking the leaves are still fresh red chilli and take sap, sap drops after it leaves red peppers on children's teeth are hollow.
The use of traditional ingredients and naturally also can be as a drug toothache 2 year old boy, toothache medicine 3 years old , toothache medicine for children 4 years old because it is safe and does not cause side effects that can be used utuk all ages. Dental problems in children are usually cavities due to the frequent consumption of sweet foods and not routine for brushing teeth. Toothache medicine toddlers first suggestion also by using traditional materials and natural. Similarly, toothache medicine children 5 years as young as toddlers do not allow chemicals to enter the body sikecil. For children who have reached the age of 6 years may use prescription drugs but again the toothache medicine for children 6 years old if not too badly should not use prescription drugs. Prioritizing a healty lifestyle
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