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This is Saved From Jambu Water Benefits

- 7:27 AM

Jambu water, all the Indonesian people would know this one fresh fruit. Rose apple trees are planted in the garden or yard. Even in some areas, rose apple tree in each houses.

This is not surprising considering the water rose originated from Southeast Asia that has been widely cultivated in different variants. Guava can be eaten directly or used as an ingredient for making certain foods such as sweet salad, mixed salad, sweets and much more.

Varian Jambu Air
Based on its size, the water rose divided into two groups, namely Syzgium quaeum (small water guava) and Syzgium samarangense (guava bowel). Guava water included in Syzgium quaeum (guava small water) is water rose Camplong, water buttons, roses or palace, baron, bells, manalagi, and much more.

While that is included in Syzgium samarangense (guava bowel), among others, the water rose wax, water apple, cincalo, and guava water shock. Named guava surprised because we can not guess where the existing fruit and seeds that do not. The weight of the water rose shock alone could reach 100-150 grams per fruit, so that the water rose this type put into groups Syzgium samarangense.

Nutrient Jambu Air
Here are some of the content of the nutrients found in guava water (100 grams)

> Air 93gram
> Calorie 25Kkal
> Protein 0,6gram
> Carbohydrates 5,7gram
> Calcium 29mg
> Iron 0,07mg
> Magnesium 5mg
> Phosphorus 8mg
> Potassium 123mg
> Zinc 0,06mg
> Sodium
> Cu 0,016mg
>? Manganese 0,029mg
> Vitamin C 22,3mg
> Thiamin 0,02mg
> Niacin 0,8mg
> 0,03mg Riboflavin

Benefits of Healthy Eating Jambu Air
Besides rich in essential nutrients the body needs, eating guava also have a positive impact on health, including:

> Prevent Dehydration
Guava water has a fairly high water content. Studies suggest that the water content in every 100 grams of water rose to reach 93 percent so effective to prevent dehydration. The content of the fresh water is abundant and can also help improve mood good for anyone who eat them.

> Increase Fertility
No one expected if the fruit is also good to help improve male fertility. The content of vitamin C in guava act as antioxidants that are beneficial for maintaining healthy body cells, including sperm cells from damage caused by exposure to free radicals.

> Keep Eye Health
Guava water also comes with vitamin A. As we know that vitamin A is necessary to keep it functioning optimally eye with age, as well as add to the body's immune boost the performance of white blood cells or leukocytes called antibodies and antiviral. Eating guava water is also good for the eyes tired from working too long in front of a computer screen.

> Prevent Diarrhea
According to PK Warrier from Purdue University, cashew seed extract water can be used to prevent diarrhea. Even in India, the water rose flower herb is often used as a remedy for fever and fever in children.

So, be diligent to consume water rose from now.

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