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Tips Make Up Natural For Natural Beauty

- 9:34 PM
Gorgeous is one of the demands for a woman. With a beautiful appearance will certainly increase confidence. Every woman wants to look beautiful in every event and activity. Make up does not mean using thick makeup, but makeup should not be thicker because natural makeup will make you look more beautiful. Natural makeup is suitable to use in a variety of events such as lectures, play, party and so forth. However, not everyone can make up natural.

Therefore we will share some tips natural makeup for those who want naturally beautiful without having complicated to salon and so on. Tips given any form of easy tips to do so all women can do these makeup tips.

Here are some tips natural makeup:

Tips Make Up Natural For Natural Beauty
Illustration of natural makeup naturally © Shutterstock
1. Clean the skin

Before you make up, make sure that you have cleaned your skin first. Then use a light moisturizer and matches the color of your skin.

2. Use a foundation

In choosing a foundation, make sure you choose according to their skin color.

3. Wearing powder

In using talcum powder, you can use a pressed powder or powder sowing with a brush so that your face looks fresher.

4. Using eye shadow

After using foundation and powder, then you can use eye shadow. For those people who have white skin, use eye shadow with bright colors such as blue, green, purple, pink so as not to look pale. As for the people who have brown skin should use a dark color and metallic colors such as yellow gold, brown, dark blue and others to make it look more luminous.


5. Using eye brow

Use eye brow eyebrow pencil to make it look more alive.

6. Use eyeliner

For a natural makeup, eyeliner color matching is gray or brown. So that the eyes look larger can use black.

7. Cept lashes and use mascara

If you do not have eyelashes? Well eyelashes can make an appearance is becoming increasingly attractive. To make eyelashes become more slender, you can clamp the eyelashes beforehand after that then you can use the mascara. To use a natural makeup mascara eye black to make it look more clearly.

8. Using lipstick

In wearing lipstick, you should use lipstick 1 level above your lip color. This will make lips look brighter and fresher.

9. Using Blash on

Blash election must be adapted to the shape on the cheek, for those of you who have a gaunt cheeks can use the color pink. As for those of you who have the cheek temben can use the old orange color that looks more gaunt cheeks.

That is the natural makeup tips that you can try to complete your daily activities and look beautiful in every moment.
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