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5 Tips For Your Child Stay Healthy During the Holidays

- 9:30 PM
Holidays have arrived, that's the word we often hear during the holidays. And usually kids want a vacation and sightseeing someplace to treat kepenatannya during school. But usually after a vacation home or when holiday, children will feel excessive fatigue and eventually fell ill.

If the child has fallen ill then, who will bother you later also parents themselves, therefore you should teach your children to already start a healthy lifestyle early on.

To avoid that, so here we will share information and tips so that your children stay healthy during the holidays. How tips? Let's refer to the tips below.

Tips to keep your child healthy during the holidays 
1. Keep Hand Hygiene

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends to wash their hands as often as possible, given the facts of this movement that is capable of reducing the risk of respiratory disorders up to 45 percent. In addition, 80 percent of the spread of germs is also done through touch, while children will certainly touch many objects during a vacation. Selali remind your child to wash hands before and after meals, after sneezing and maybe after playing with pets. Always use soap containing antiseptic hand wash each time.


2. Select Food & Drink Healthy

Usually if you're on vacation, parents pay less attention to what food and beverages consumed by children. Yes ... the holiday is usually the reason why parents often give a fast food or junk food to their children. Though food and beverages is an important factor for maintaining the health of children. Still give the child food four of five perfectly healthy. Provide always water, to reduce the habit of drinking soda. Try also to remind your child to eat regularly and do not put it off, this trick can usually prevent child laen so as not to consume foods such as junk food or fast food.

3. Avoid direct contact with a child's face

Usually the people who are exasperated with cute children often put her face on the child. Things you do not know is, when you paste your face to the children, indirectly you will infect the child with viruses and bacteria from you, such as influenza, cough, etc. Avoid as much as possible the direct contact with the child's face, especially if you are experiencing pain.

4. Stay Active

Try to have your child stay active play outside like biking, running, and so on. Most important is the child must be actively engaged and sweat. It can strengthen the immune system of the child. Do not let your children linger in watching TV, playing computer and silent as not good for health, especially the eyes.

5. Rest Enough

When was the holiday is usually a child will wake up more lunch than when school. It is already commonplace. However, if excessive it is not good for the child. Try to beristiraha appropriate schedule, do not sleep late at night terlau. When sleeping, the limbs of children will rest and restore their energy that has been used all day. In addition, sleep will also increase immunity and renew dead cells. To keep the child adequate rest when holiday, apply the same bedtime with his daily routine. Do not forget to bring your favorite objects, such as dolls, pillows, or blankets that will make him feel comfortable while not being at home.
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