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Tips to Overcome Allergies On Nose

- 12:06 AM

Allergy is the excessive reaction of the body, caused by exposure to allergy-triggering substances, called allergens. Allergies that occur in the nose is usually known as allergic rhinitis, which is often followed by several symptoms, including nasal congestion.

So how do I fix this? Here are some tips that you can do:

1. Avoid Allergens
This is the most fundamental action. Avoid advance your allergic triggers. Treatment can not be perfectly done if avoidance of allergens avoided beforehand.

If you do not yet know the cause of allergies, then periksakanlah to the hospital. Because usually in large hospitals already have allergy testing facilities.

In addition, you also need to be more careful on the objects around you. If there is a suspicious object as allergens.

2. Increase the power of your body

If you have good endurance, then shall the allergy symptoms that appear lighter. So how? Not hard, just start exercising regularly, meet the requirements for a balanced nutritional intake, and inadequate sleep hours you well.

3. Drugs

Provision of medicines prescribed by doctors. Prescribing based on the examination and diagnosis that adjusts the severity of symptoms. Because by prescription, it is highly recommended the use of these drugs is done under the supervision of a doctor.
Then how to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion due to allergies? You can use an inhaler that is practical, but with a note: Use as directed on the package.

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