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Traditional medicine Uric Acid Powerful, Good, and It works

- 2:57 PM
After reading the previous articles you already know a little about gout and several factors emicu occurrence of gout. This time we will discuss about the gout medicine is good for you .Various brands of products offers a potent drug uric acid because it is made ​​from natural ingredients. Such products only want to help ease your suffering from gout so you do not have to bother to mix the ingredients and you live directly consume. However, there are still many people who make a natural gout medicine with meraciknya own. Because the materials are also easy on the can so it does not need to spend that much budget to buy uric acid drug products sold in the market.
In addition to drugs that are traditionally made ​​available also generics gout . To get the gout generic drugs you can go to the pharmacy to buy it or you can also go to the doctor. Generic drugs for gout usually kind of analgesic drugs where the drug is used to relieve pain. For the use of generic drugs is usually only temporary, and there is still the possibility for recurrence. If you want to recover permanently a good idea to use herbal remedies uric acid . Well, herbal remedies uric acid and cholesterol is the type of fruit that can lower fat levels in the blood and substance of purines in the body. Drug herbal high uric acid is dragon fruit, fruit turns out this has the effect of efficacy as an herbal remedy. Dragon fruit contains vitamin C is high enough to be able to boost immunity. Besides having a vitamin C content of the fruit also contains vitamin B3 which can help to lower cholesterol levels in the body. The water content in the dragon fruit could reduce levels of purine substances. Red dragon fruit contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, vitamin C, calcium, protein and phosphorus that can help in the formation of the network.
Various types of traditional medicine uric acid is around us . For example to cholesterol in addition to dragon fruit there is another type of natural ingredients namely garlic, noni or known as pace, bay leaves, onions, curcuma, saffron, black mushroom and many more. If using bay leaves bay leaves way is to prepare as many as 10 pieces and then boiled using 700 cc of water, wait until the water boils and the remaining approximately 200 cc and drink while still warm. Whereas if you use ginger way is to prepare 30 grams of ginger and leaves of the gods as much as 15 grams then peel ginger and wash the leaves gods, thin slices of ginger and boiled with water to 600 cc, wait until the water is boiling and the remaining 200 cc. Strain and then drink boiled water ginger and leaves of the gods. These materials can be traditional medicines are potent uric acid . Using the drug for gout should be careful, for it choose the traditional way that is safe for you and your health.
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