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Traditional medicine Uric Acid Powerful and Effective

- 2:57 PM
Gout is quite torturing people who suffer from this disease. Because the pain is felt during mornings or evenings so can interfere with the activity of the patient. Well, not only gout are a lot of complaints, but also rheumatic diseases is similar to gout. Rheumatic diseases, better known to the public as gout. Arthritis can cause interference in the joints and soft tissue around the joint such as muscles, nerves and tendons. The cause of arthritis varies greatly and is due to inflammation caused by infection, rheumatic fever, degenerative like oste arthritis, metabolic disorders in such excess uric acid that is difficult to cure diseases such as arthritis or autonium arthtritis that attacks the spine, lupus, and spondylitis ankylopoetica.
Rheumatic diseases affect all age groups, but are often attacked by this disease mostly middle-aged. There are many more factors that cause rheumatic disease that is due to factors such as eating too much food or meat offal which can trigger gout disease, an unhealthy life-style patterns with many foods containing high fat and high in protein, but it is also because of habit bad as smoking, drinking alcohol. For that you also need an active lifestyle of exercise and avoid excessive stress. Sure you want to know whether the drug gout and rheumatism are the same? Well, for this rheumatic disease is almost the same as the symptoms of gout. Rheumatic diseases can be treated by using materials such as: 
1. Lemongrass leaves 
leaf lemongrass Provide 6-10 ounces and its roots, then wash clean after it boiled with water. After the cooking water is still warm when used for bathing. 
2. Cayenne pepper 
cayenne trick grab 10 then mash until smooth, after a smooth mix with whiting and lime juice and mix well and apply on the sore joint.
As for traditional medicine uric acid different from rheumatic drugs. To know the pain suffered as a result of gout or arthritis can be detected by laboratory tests. When you suffer from gout if you go to a doctor you will get medication for gout such as analgesic drug which serves to reduce pain and can suppress prostaglandins that trigger the onset of peradangan.Selaintraditional medicine powerful gout using natural ingredients and you also can use traditional medicine effective gout without medication that you can compress using ice to reduce pain.This method is also very easy to use and not too much trouble you.
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