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Various skin diseases such as tinea versicolor, ringworm, scabies is not foreign in Indonesian society.Beberpa traditional medicine that is often used for the treatment of skin diseases that go round:
Scabies, itching
For external treatment, simply take the leaves, bark, stems, or roots regards as necessary. Rinse, then finely milled to menjad dough like mush. Itching smeared into place, then bandaged.
Ulcers, sores, and warts
- Spread with the sap of the cashew fruit or cashew (Anarcadium occidentale L) for a few days until the wound dries- For warts, Pluck the strings skillfully LEAF DEWA 5 pieces, mashed leaves until smooth. Lumurkan leaves that have been refined in a warty, make up the glue, allow one day and off to the next day
Variety of skin diseases
For patients with skin diseases, itching, and sores, which must be blended herb leaves Biduri and coconut oil to taste. The leaves of coconut oil smeared, then withered over the ignition.
After that, leaves affixed to the skin of the wound or itching. Before untreated, skin wounds washed with warm water or 70% alcohol.
Ulcers, eczema, and skin diseases
Lotus crown strands have burned, the resulting ash is also efficacious as a medicine. The ash can be used as an external medicine to cure ulcers, eczema, and skin diseases. While pollen and stamens lotus if mixed with honey and cheese will be a cure hemorrhoids.
Scabies in Children
Children who are exposed to scabies recommended brotowali bath with boiling water. How to make boiled water: take brotowali 1m, in chopped or cut kecil2, boiled with 4 liters of water to boiling, add cooking water into emberdan dinngin add water, bathe the children while soaking her body.
- Grate the ginger, then squeeze- Mix with grated horseradish- Apply herbs to the affected skin eczema
Galangal for: Panu, ringworm, scabies, sores, ulcers
Treatment: Treatment outside, in topical in the place of the sickMethod: - Mashed ginger rhizome finely with garlic (ratio 1: 4, 1 rhizome 4 garlic) to a pulp- Apply / paste in place of the sick- For ringworm that has been chronic, add this ingredient with vinegar- To Panu: provide fresh ginger, minced until the resulting fiber, rub it on the affected part
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