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Dizziness, Symptoms and Treatment

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Dizzy! Almost everyone, certainly never experienced it. And which need to be reminded a lot of people who think lightly of diseases. Though the disease is often caused our activity disrupted.
Apparently the cause of dizziness is diverse. Recognize and avoid as much as possible.
How macamkah type of dizziness?
Usually the layman to distinguish dizzy into several types, such as dizziness when standing suddenly, dizzy, drift, and others. Dizziness is actually composed of two types. The first is the condition in which the sufferer feel any object that is in front of him and around him moving or spinning. The second is the condition of the patient feels like walking on a cloud, his body feels light and unstable.
While based on the cause, in outline, dizziness can be divided into two, namely dizziness which arise as a result of abnormalities in the brain, and dizziness caused by abnormalities in the ear.
Why dizziness arise?
In the inner ear two semicircular canal and vestibule are responsible for managing the balance. There is also the cochlea that serves to capture the sound or as the sense of hearing. Both of these functions coexist.
Cerebellum duty to control all kinds of orders or impulses coming from the eye, other body parts, especially the organ of balance control device contained inside the ear. With this, the cerebellum plays a major role in maintaining posture and balance of the human body. So if there is abnormality or disorder, especially in the cerebellum or organ regulating keseimbagan contained in the ear, will cause dizziness.
Dizziness caused by the disruption of the ear, along with the deterioration of organ function regulator balance and drum membrane. Which will be felt is in the ears and hearing loss. This case is an example of Meniere's syndrome and hearing loss occur suddenly. While this type of dizziness that is not accompanied at the hearing disorders among others BPPV (Benign Positional Vertigo Paroxymal) and inflammation of the vestibule.
While dizziness caused by disorders of the brain caused by the deterioration of blood flow in the artery that served to send nutrients and acid elements. This can be caused by stress or narrowing of the arteries. This situation can cause various disorders of the brain, such as bleeding, infarction, cancer, and various other diseases that can be life-threatening.
Can you explain the characteristics of dangerous dizzy?
At the time of dizziness, usually the patient will experience severe headaches, sometimes to nausea or vomiting. In addition the patient shaking hands and feet, and objects in front of the eyes look double. In the more serious cases, even the patient to lose consciousness. In case of serious symptoms or unusual as it is, there is the possibility of an interruption in the brain, such as brain hemorrhage or infarction. Therefore, in such situations it is advisable to take the patient to the hospital as soon as possible.
If the headache is felt not too great, first aid patient is laid in a quiet place. After the dizziness felt diminished, wiggle head slowly, and trying to find a position that can eliminate the headache. After the patient calm, take it to the ENT specialist to get a checkup.
According to the study, more than half of the causes of dizziness came from disorders of the ear. Ie Meniere syndrome (22%), BPPV (16%), inflammation of the nerves of the vestibule (7%), and sudden hearing loss (4%). While the rest are caused by disorders of the brain or not known exactly at the time of inspection.
Dizziness often associated with Meniere's syndrome. How is the explanation?
It can be said, Meniere's syndrome is a type of disease that is very well known. Therefore often direct patients suffering from Meniere's syndrome sentenced at the time of check-up at an ENT doctor. Whereas before maybe she was sentenced to suffer other illnesses in addition to currently consult an expert doctor.
Meniere's syndrome occurs due to the worsening metabolic lymphatic fluid in the inner ear so that in the ear becomes runny. The hallmark of Meniere's syndrome is a severe head spin until the patient is unable to stand. This situation lasted for approximately 30 minutes. In severe cases, can last up to half a day. Meniere's syndrome occurs erratic, and can cause damage in the future. There are cases of people with hearing loss.
The disease is experienced by many people in the productive age, especially 30-60 years. A disease which is also called the stress is vulnerable diidap by a serious person and a perfectionist.
How explanation dizziness caused by abnormalities in the ear?
Hearing loss that occurs suddenly is often difficult to distinguish from Meniere syndrome. However, the hearing loss that occurs mendaadak this usually only happens once. Tumor on the auditory nerve has symptoms similar to the two diseases. Although this include benign tumors, but should do the examination and treatment to prevent tumor becomes large.
BPPV is also one type of headache that also originate from disturbances in the ear. However, it is not accompanied with ringing ears or hearing loss. BPPV occurs due to peeling on the inside of the vestibule and then into the semicircular canal.
BPPV is characteristic of patients with head spinning with great feel when the body does not properly position, for example when getting out of bed, while bending when removing or wear socks, and others. This situation only lasted for 1-2 minutes.
Vestibule infection often occurs after patients recover from colds. In such cases, it is thought the cause was inveksi caused by a virus. In the case of rotating with severe headaches, can last for several days.
When the function of the semicircular canal, either on the right or left ear decreased, when the body perform certain movements, will be submitted to the cerebellum information about a disturbance in one part. Furthermore, all members of the body will cope with the disorder and seek to maintain a stable body.
Not only limited to Meniere syndrom course, most people are afraid when they experienced dizziness would be so bad that they could not move his body at all. It is precisely this thought that led to the worsening of the situation. Additionally, dizziness are also associated with the autonomic nervous so necessary movements to train the autonomous nervous.
There are various ways to avoid dizziness, namely by diligent exercise, especially swimming. When swimming, in addition to whole body moves, the skin will get enough stimulation from the water temperature and water pressure.
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