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Water lice medicine from Natural Ingredients and Easy Found!

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You infested water? itchy rash? Dizziness how to treat it? Actually, water fleas can be cured with a variety of plants and natural ingredients are efficacious treatment of athlete's foot. Previous to increase our knowledge, we must first know what it is water fleas disease ?.
Water flea is a lay term for a number of small crustaceans occupants of water. Water fleas are not insects and do not live as a parasite, as many fleas that live outside the water. And if connect with disease, water fleas are usually called the "Tinea Pedis', if taken from wikipedia reference, known as Tinea pedis or athlete's foot athlete's foot, a fungal infection of the skin, usually between the toes caused by parasitic fungi ,
Water fleas often strike us section-specific section. Itching caused makes us feel uncomfortable and seemed to want to keep on scratching.
Water lice medicine from Natural Ingredients and Easy Found!Ilusrasi water fleas on foot © ShutterstockWater fleas will arise caused by Trichophyton rubum. This fungus often attacked on the sidelines of the feet, hands, fingernails and toenails, and sometimes also attacked on the face and scalp. Trichophyton will be scattered when the itching continue on scratching.
Because the fungus will stick to your nails, if you scratch at a certain place, the mushrooms will also be attached to the skin and water fleas will get worse.For that there are several water flea medications that you can use to treat your water fleas that are not getting worse, what are the drugs?
Water lice medicine from Natural IngredientsThe ingredients can easily be found all around us, by making use of materials around us you can save money to go to a doctor. What are the natural ingredients of the water flea busting?
Natural medicine water fleas1. BrineBrine is already famous for its potency to eliminate various kinds of mushrooms and water fleas that you experienced. This is because of the salt water contains anti-fungal and bacterial. Simply dip your toe in the media as a basin, then fill with a mixture of water and salt. Soak your feet for about 15 minutes every day until your water fleas disappeared.
2. Water VinegarAir vinegar functions as well as salt water, to relieve the pain of excessive water mix vinegar with water, if necessary by using a hot / warm water in order to free from germs.
3. Coconut oilCoconut oil is also very effective for treating the water fleas in your legs, simply apply coconut oil on your feet are infested water, then rinse with warm water. Do it over and over and over, at least 3 times a day to get maximum results. Coconut oil has a lauric acid as an anti-fungal and work against fungi on your water fleas.
Actually there are many other natural materials that can be used as a water flea medication, such as ait tea, garlic, betel leaves, taro leaves and many others. How to use it was almost the same as above, apply on the affected body of water fleas. And wash with warm water.
That's some water flea medication from natural ingredients and it is not easy to find? So you need not bother to medicine, because maybe if the doctor you will be exposed to significant costs. So much from me may be useful yes.
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