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Getting more in What Is Anti-Cancer Drugs

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Cancer is a disease characterized by an abnormality of the typical cell cycle which causes the cells to turn into growing uncontrollably, invade surrounding biological tissue, as well as having the ability to switch to other body tissues lymphatic system or blood circulation. This is exactly distinguish between benign and cancerous tumors. There are several types of cancers that can form tumors, but some other types do not cause tumors, for example leukemia.
But do not worry, because already a lot of research on cancer, many found anti-cancer drugs from various plants. In addition to functioning as an anti-cancer, these plants can also easily to be found. Better to prevent than to cure instead? For it is here we will try to provide some information about anti-cancer drugs.
Anti-cancer drugGetting more in What Is Anti-Cancer DrugsNatural plant that can be used as anti-cancer drugsWhite turmericThe first anti-cancer drug that can be utilized is white turmeric. This one herb that has long been known by the public. White Kuntit itself has consisted of two types namely white turmeric and turmeric white gombyok mango. Both types of white turmeric can be used as a cure for cancer and tumor. The reason why turmeric can be used as a cancer drug itself is the ability to disable the development of cancer cells, and be able to eliminate cancer cells without damaging other tissues. Besides turmeric also acts as a natural anti-oxidant that can prevent damage to genes.
Tread leaves DaraAnti-cancer drugs to two leaves periwinkle. Plants that have a Latin name Catharantus roseus has been shown to significantly able to kill cancer cells in the body. Plants are still included in the frangipani-kambojaan family has two compounds are vinblastine and vincristine. Both the content is able to inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells. Namely how to boil 22 leaves and mix with fennel fruit, bark, and three cups of water and add the brown sugar. Drink this mixture 3 times a day on a regular basis.
NoniAnti-cancer drugs to three is noni. Nowadays the popularity of noni rising. This is because the fruit can be one of the fruits which are used as a cure for cancer. With dammacanthel content that has made this fruit can fight cell growth and preventing the development of cancer cells. The trick is to make a drink from the juice of the fruit. In order to better taste, you can add a few tablespoons of honey. For best results, use noni fruit is not overripe, because the higher alcohol content will damage the vital substances contained in it.
Rodent tuberAnti-cancer drugs is the last rodent tuber. Typhoniumflagelliforma or more commonly known as the Rat is one of the taro plant that can treat cancer. The trick is to soak for 30 minutes three stems and leaves of taro mice, then finely crushed and squeezed. After that, squeeze and take water and then drunk. For those of you who do not want to bother making these herbs, you can buy it in pharmacies that has been extracted in the form of a pill or powder.
Thus a brief description can we say about the anti-cancer medicine. It is very important to maintain the health of our body. Ranging from diet to a healthy lifestyle should be completely guarded. Healthy is expensive, but certainly more expensive hospital. Hopefully this article can be useful to readers.
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